Tales Retold: FairyLoot Box

Hello, hello! Here is your second book box of the day. Fingers crossed to get the August ones soon, because I am slowly funning out of time.

July 2021 FairyLoot Box: Tales Retold

This theme doesn’t feel as connected to me, color wise, as some other boxes have been in the past. Just an FYI. The color of the book is very pink and the rest of the theme is very blue. I don’t hate it, but I think it was a missed opportunity to have a very pastel themed option here.

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Spellcraft: Fairyloot Box

I suppose better late than never is the way I’ll look at this. Here is the May box! I am still waiting on June for FL actually. So, who knows. Maybe by the time this posts it will be here. No clue tho.

May 2021 Fairyloot Box: Spellcraft

I already know, based on the info card, that I own the book that is in this box. I suppose that means I have another book copy to give my friend. No love lost there. She’ll be thankful for it lol.

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Wicked Hearts: Fairyloot

Second box for today. I do cry that I still have not gotten my tarot cards for September, and am waiting for the new box subscription to drop. LOL I am about to go a full year into Fairy Loot and I do not regret it. I sometimes get some questionable things that I could care less about but HEY it’s okay. I’ll sell them one day. HAHA Anyway! box

October 2020 Fairyloot Box: Wicked Hearts

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Last Book box post today? I know that this is coming to you on a Friday. Like, why? The answer is, because I still don’t have YP chapters ready (they are written but not named). I have been waiting for this book box for MONTHS. It is because of the pandemic, so I can’t be angry. However, it has been a long time in the waiting.

Eitherway, I did get a lot in this box, so here we go! Let’s get into this!

As a reminder! Everything in this book is inspired by Blood & Honey!