October Teas

Yeah… I know this is coming to you REALLY late this month. Don’t hate me. I’m sorry, I had no motivation to write up these for a week or more. Its a think that happens when I have all the time in the world at work. I really am just dad, because usually I have more work to do this month and I just don’t and it really hit me, that I just haven’t made as much as I usually do. Sucks to work an event job, I guess. Anyway, Voidfriends! Here we go! Tea.

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Color Coded Reading Challenge Reads

Color Coded Reading Challenge Reads

So, I know I was going to put this out at the beginning of the year. And it is… October, now. LOL better late than never. This is the Color Coded Reading Challenge, that I mentioned: here. You can find the challenge here. I still have yet to read Incendiary, but I will get to it as soon as I can.

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Whimsey and Mayhem Reading Challenge First Update

Whimsey and Mayhem Reading Challenge First Update

The following is the list of books I have read and have placed into their categories. Go here for the Challenge itself. Anything in bold is something I plan on reading this year and where I think that it will place.

Character Goal: Lewis Carroll
Requirements: All 52 Prompts
Additional Themes: Mastery, Reality, Mind, Element on cover (Air, Water, Fire, Earth)

Mode Goal: Red Mayhem

Note that I am not using Manga or Webnovels yet for this challenge. If I need to use them as supplements later, I will. However, for now, I think I can just use my novel reads.

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Monday Reviews

Good day Voidfriends and Voidfolk. You may be wondering, MM where are today’s reviews? I was reading Blue Bloods and it was just not worth my time to review the books. I’ve rated them all 3/5 which is the best equivalent of: I have no feelings towards this matter at all. Thus, no reviews. I will try to have some out for you next week!

YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 49 (Chapter 146)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 6)

Evester lurched as Heai stopped the car. Seatbelt off, he sprung from the car to follow after Zeydar who had tumbled out to dry heave again. He had done so much more than he had before, he had erased their tracks before but that night was more like what he had done in Valaria. The skin and ability was not of a few weeks ago that had seemed obvious, this was magic, awe inspiring and horrifying. Zeydar had done it, and Evester was at his side in moments. Hand to hick back, Zeydar grabbed his shirt, pulling Evester over him, to protect him from the world around them. Zeydar was shaking, despite the blanket, despite the fact that the cold never bothered him before.

Kony tumbled out seconds later, with shaking knees exhausted from giving all his magic. They were a few hours from midnight and they had to keep moving. Evester took Zeydar closer to him, prepared to take over for Kony, who had already done his part. They were far enough away, that Evester doubted that the trail would matter. However the Aralax would hunt them for what they had done. Zeydar cried against Evester. Evester hushed him, pulling the blanket over Zeydar further. Was it withdrawal or the memories?

“What’s going on?” Maverin asked stepping around the vehicle where Kony, Evester, and Zeydar sat. He was followed by Shawn, and Phil, Kori and Kim. Heia walked from the other side, bag in her hand. She knelt down to Evester and Zeydar hesitating to reach out.

“Boy wonder is going through withdrawal again.” Shawn answered tossing a water bottle to Heia, who caught it and moved away from them both to begin mixing Dreams to the water. She threw it to Evester once she was done shaking the mixture.

He caught it, slipped it under the blanket, and whispered to Zeydar. “Drink it.”

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 48 (Chapter 145)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Heia drove down the mountain and around the bends, expecting to see enemies and only seeing them dead before her. She was expecting to see horror, and instead saw the light of day, as the forest burned bright and the bodies began to disappear. Zeydar was clearing their path before they even reached it. She could not let his magic go to waste, so she drove faster, trying to make it down the hills the best that she could without going too fast around bends that could knock them over.

She needed them to get out, and get out fast. How much more could Zeydar take? She did not want to think about it, just like there were a hundred other things she did not want to think about. Later they would. For now it was survival. Down the mountain, away from the fire, and Aralax and…

An explosion sounded, and it took everything Heia had not to swerve at the sound of it. Through her mirrors she could see another part of the mountain on fire. Evester looked back to Zeydar.

“Is he okay?” She asked. How much magic had that taken? Was that it? Was that the inner sections? Was that what would — Another explosion and one that rocked the vehicle as she turned a corner. Biting back a scream, Heia moved them forward trying to balance her speed with the progression of what was happening.

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