YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 49 (CHAPTER 196)

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114 Days Until Lies And the Uncertain End (Part 2)

She hadn’t meant to call out to Shawn. However seeing Phil and Zeydar and hearing Shawn’s voice had made her heart ache as it had to see her siblings. When he appeared on the screen, she had felt everything come into place. Her entire family was safe. Everyone was okay; he was okay. In those few moments, Heia had felt at peace within herself seeing her best friend safe and sound. She remembered the letters she would get, that even in her anger, she had read, because she needed to know he was a safe when he had been in the military. 

And he was. Even now.

The rest of the conversation was on nothing, really. They talked about how Layla and Andre had escaped. They had a catch up on what had happened to them, and how the other orphans were doing. Kony spoke a lot with some oddly phrased sentences at points. Kony spoke as he always had but he often used words she did not know, words that she had to assume were Circle and Star words. Heia wondered whether her brother had been fully indoctrinated into Star culture. Did he speak different with Zeydar and the other Stars than he did with his family? She had many questions but none of the words due to all the tranquility she felt at seeing her family in the flesh.

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CON – B1: Serenity – Chapter 9

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Second Dates

Alexis wore a dress. She often did, but for this day she had picked her favorite, a halter white dress with pink florals and a bow tying her curls back out of her face. She looked girly, so said Tiana. Which was perfect, because it was her ideal goal. She wanted to look feminine. She wanted to be girly. She liked being girly, and as much as she liked adventure and boating and hanging out with Tiana she did not want to put on the facade she was someone else for a minute. If Nate was going to like her, she wanted to make sure he liked her

She could almost not keep her self from bouncing all over the house. She had music playing in the background of her room, something light and airy. Her mood was soaring. She was waiting by the downstairs window fifteen minutes before he said he’d arrive. He too was ten minutes early

He showed up in his early two-thousands sudan, silver, and freshly cleaned. She got in the car without him getting out to open the door, snapped the seatbelt across her waist, and commandeered the radio. He laughed.

“Where are you taking me, oh mysterious one?” She smiled to him hoping that her eyeliner had not smudged. She had rushed through it last minute and had not give her eyes the time they needed to dry before putting on her false lashes. 

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 195)

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114 Days Until Lies And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Kony sat shaking in his chair. The call was supposed to start any minute now. Zeydar couldn’t help but compare Kony to a shivering dog. He was frightened, cold, and looking at Zeydar with big eyes. Zeydar mouthed that he was going to be okay. Kony nodded and Europa clicked her tongue.

“We aren’t here.” Europa reminded them. “We can’t let them think you are being fed things to say.”

“Okay.” Kony was the only one who could speak in the code of his siblings. He had been prepped in what to say by Europa and Estashia for the whole of the day before. Andre tried to comfort him while Layla looked impatient.  Zeydar motioned for Kony to breathe and to relax. Kony took breaths with him and Zeydar smiled.

“Hello?” Kori’s voice came over from the computer. Zeydar looked to the live screen TV, in front of  him. They had set up a TV for everyone to see as Kony and his siblings sat in front of the camera. The watchers could see what the world was seeing. Kori was the only one who was on  the video call from her side. Karla logged on thanking Uly and waving at him as he left the screen.

“Hi.” Karla smiled. She was too clean, as if she had just washed off and had gotten ready for the call, while Kori looked a lot less put together. “Where’s Kony?”

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 47 (CHAPTER 194)

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115 Days Until Distraction And the Uncertain End 

Evester looked over the request for the video call. It at least was an email, rather than a direct call. Regardless, it broke Uly’s newest protocols. Evester had only been able to narrow the moles to three. The silence was important. Kori was requesting to speak to Karla and Kony over the internet, live. 

“This is daring.” Karla looked at the request. “She’s an idiot.”

“She’s your idiot.” Evester reminded Karla.

“She’s also lonely.” Rayda told them both. Evester knew that Kori had to be missing her, but he wondered if she knew what they were dealing with. They had soldiers to train, and scientists to maintain a control over. They did not have time for a catch up call, live.

“She has Trace and Robee.” Karla rolled her eyes. The email chain rang out with the notification that Kony responded. His words were: Kori, you idiot. And then it was followed up by: Layla said yes, so I guess we have to.

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CON – B1: Serenity – Chapter 8

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Summer Days

Alexis sat in the kitchen, reviewing her class work for preparation for the new semester. She still had months to go, but with the end of June, she had to begin her preparation. There was not much she had to do, but she wanted to review her courses and the texts being taught before she showed up to class. Her teachers were notorious for bringing up things before they were taught.

“Staying in today?” Her father’s voice startled her from where she sat.

“Are you going out?” She eyed him. He was dressed for boating but he had a bag with him.

“Your mother’s brother invited me out to his friend’s boat.” Her father smiled. “Take care of your mother.”

“I will.” Alexis assumed that her aunt was coming over that afternoon to help with the garden, along with her grandmother. Nia was out, somewhere. She had told Alexis late, that she was going out with Jim to some event. Alexis had tried to inquire more and was at a loss of what she could get out of her sister. 

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 46 (CHAPTER 193)

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117 Days Until Clear Skies And the Uncertain End

Heia looked to Kori who sat under the night sky looking up. When Heia had woken up she had found the window unlatched, and Kori missing. Immediately Heia had known where to go. When the kids were younger, they had often gone to the top of their old home. Kori wassitting under the cool air and the sky with flushed cheeks and wide eyes.

“Kony nad Karla?” Heia asked as she sat next to her sister.

“Kony and Karla.” Kori answered. “I’ve been so far from them for so long I’m trying to remember them.”

Heia didn’t know what to say. The three had chosen it, despite never being apart from each other for this long. It seemed to be taking its toll on Kori. All the side glances she’d give Kony or the responses she expected from Karla, they never came. Heia wondered if Kori was stuck trying to figure out who she was supposed to be without them. The three had been inseparable their whole life and had chosen this moment to separate. Heia was not surprised it was starting to take its toll on Kori.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 45 (CHAPTER 192)

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118 Days Until Misery And the Uncertain End 

Uly looked miserable. Which was to say he looked more miserable than the days leading up to his eventual collapse. He was laying on the floor with his eyes to the ceiling. The computers were still running their reports. Whatever he had been searching for was coming up inconclusive, or at least Evester thought it was inconclusive. Evester suspected it was about living conditions on the potential future planets.

“You dead yet?” Evester asked stepping over Uly’s body and then dropping down to straddle his best friend. Uly turned his attention from the ceiling to Evester and glared.

There was a long moment where Uly starred at Evester and then looked to the computers. “In twenty minutes I will be.”

“Nothing yet?” Evester watched Uly’s expression. When was the last time Uly had slept?

“Nothing.” Uly stretched and sighed.

“I thought the Project gave us suggestions on planets with viable life.” Evester moved away from Uly to sit next to him instead. He crossed his legs and leaned back o his hands that were placed near Uly’s face. Uly leaned on him. Evester would not tell Uly that he needed sleep. Uly knew that he needed sleep and he did not need Evester to argue with him about it. Uly now had a team, but as the perfectionist that he was, Evester did not doubt that he couldn’t trust the new people.

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