Kingdom of the Wicked Review

Kingdom of the Wicked Review

Alright, so I have two books that I just ordered that have come in that are screaming at me to read them. One is the sequel to The Lost Queen and the other is The Rage of Dragons. Hopefully, if I read the two of them, I’ll be able to kick myself back into reading as a hobby again. Fingers crossed!

Anyway! Here is this book review!

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Alright, So I totally forgot…

My laptop is going into the shop. I will probably get it back in like a week. Not sure. What I do know is that you are not getting YP chapter for like a while. When I get my laptop back we’ll pick up where we left off. It also means that you are not getting a book review or either of my tea posts. I will have them created so that I can put them into the site once I can format them properly (I just don’t want to bother on my ipad)

Either way. I know the last few months with me have been very sporadic. Trust me, I know. I’m trying to get back into the habit of using my blog again. I promise I am.

I just got Breach of Peace by Daniel Green. I swore it was supposed to come out on Monday so I’m floored. Means I get to read it now. I have a lot of reviews lined up at least once I start them.

I’m still searching for a good text to audio converter. I might just need to cave and upgrade the site so i can do the plug in. I would, but I don’t have the money and money is gonna be a BIG thing for me in the upcoming year. I wish I could share but I still need final confirmation.

Thanks for sticking with me Voidfriends and Voidfolk! I hope your day is like spun sugar: light, fluffy, and sweet.

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April TBR

April TBR

Now that I know FOR CERTAIN, that I am out of my reading slump. However, I do not have a standard reading TBR. I’m gonna pick what I like and read that, because it’s worked that well for me thus far. I will probably do one review a week from this point on, so that I don’t pressure myself into anything. See you then!

Also, I might have really good news. Still waiting, for final stuff. You’ll know by May.

YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 20 (CHAPTER 167)

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135 Days Until Boredom And the Uncertain End (part 2)  

When Estashia had come for them, she had come with multiple cars, dressed in black, and an attitude who said she’d fight anyone who told her otherwise. It had taken time, but her arrival was a breath of fresh air. For once, Zeydar felt like he wasn’t going to have to check everything he ate and drank at all times. With Estashia they were safe to expose their secrets and able to start working towards saving the world and unity.

The house that Evester grew up in was large but not as large as Evester vaguely remembered the Valaria house being. To his credit, Zeydar hada great memory, but he had not been in the house under the best circumstances for memory retention. This house was cozy, seated on land that could house tens of Circle families or more. It was small, as Europa said, not that Zeydar knew, having grown up on the Star Campus, and he was almost certain that the property of the Igilistals was at least a quarter that size if not a third.

May had come with them, and she asked the maids who took their luggage to place her next to Zeydar. She had been sent by the Superiors, although there was little she could do here but watch him. He swore to himself that in the time that they were together he’d expose all the truths to her, and turn her to his side once and for all. Now that he was sober, he had to hope it would be easier. Shawn took the room on the other side of Zeydar, and Kony was a bit further down the hall. Phil took what he said was “his” room.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 19 (CHAPTER 166)

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135 Days Until Boredom And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Heia stood watching as the soldiers moved around the training facility. She leaned against the window from their rooms, sitting in the still to examine them all. The military was stationed in an old LowerLand City, and it had been changed to accommodate the military and its weapons. They were housed in a apartment complex. They had the whole floor to themselves, but that was as far at they could go. They had been confined to the building.

Prisoners. Anyone and everyone knew that they were.

“We’ve been here five days now and they still haven’t helped us.” Lynx complained.

“Of course not.” Kim called out to her from the kitchen where smells were wafting. At least they were provided food. “Politics take time.”

“We don’t have time.” Trace continued the complaint.

“Of course we don’t have time.” Heia could hear the eye roll in Kim’s words. “They don’t care.”

“We need to do something.” Heia spoke up finally. The night she’d been turned away by the Prime Minister she had begun the contingency plan with Kim. Then they’d snuck out. For them being prisoners, their guards were easily bribed and evaded. With each attempt they had gotten more eyes on them, but it had been worth it. They had recorded statements. Lynx had edited it with Trace. Onyx, Kori, and Robee had collected footage. Now they needed everyone to know that they were up to something. Once the Prime Minister was suspicious of them doing nothing, they’d release the video. It was almost time.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 18 (CHAPTER 165)

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136 Days Until Combat And the Uncertain End  

Zeydar spun his staff around his hands. The training facilities of Ovaria were different than those of Valaria or Arcadia. It wasn’t that Zeydar minded, but he did have to adjust his output in his magic. He had a slight headache but nothing he could not manage. He had to work with Kony, who had never had proper magic training for magic use. Their training on the roads would not get close to how the facility could aid him.

“I’m practicing here?” Kony asked in awe of the targets, equipment, and fields. The amounts of magic stung Zeydar, but he forced himself to think of Kony who needed him. Zeydar did not say much in response to that, instead leading Kony to the first location. Kony was a wind mage, specifically in defense. They had practiced multiple other types, which let Zeydar know that Kony had capabilities beyond defensive wind magic. However, for now he needed Kony to be tested and evaluated test by test to get a ranking.

Kony had completed the written tests and his verbal tests, and now was for the practical ones testing how strong he was with actually casting. They started at the power field where Kony cast his most powerful spell and the test evaluated him, sending his report to Zeydar, who would review over all the compiled data later. They then went to the defensive tests, testing spells and ability to adapt. As Kony tested, Zeydar thought to Shawn and Phil who were attempting to get in contact with Estashia.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 17 (CHAPTER 164)

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138 Days Until Defiance And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Evester sat starring at the ceiling of his room trying to figure out what he was going to do. He had slept long enough. He had tried, for hours already, to get the motivation to step up and help the others with what still needed to be done. What he had discovered thus far was that he needed something to excite him. There, unfortunately, nothing to do so.

“Are you dead yet?” Uly walked in unannounced. He threw open the door uncaring if Evester was in a precarious situation. Evester rolled his head to the side to look at Uly as he was sprawled on the bed. Their eyes met and they both knew that this was not the worst situation Uly had found Evester in — far from it.

Without a consideration of embarrassment, Evester asked, “How is the project going?”

“As well as it can without the help we need. Are you dead yet?” Uly walked closer, hands in his pockets as his dark eyes bore into Evester. Uly’s eyes scanned the room and Evester’s body, before returning his gaze once more, unblinking.

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