YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 47 (Chapter 93)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 7) 

Zeydar walked through the flames of the street, pushing them back and leaving a path for the others to escape based on the route he had seen from Evester’s map. In an instant he knew how to help the Tower, not by memory but by magic. There was a map in the darkness, and Zeydar now knew where everything was, where everything to destroy would be.

He knew how to escape.

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Fairy Reverse Story

Fairy Reverse Story

The day was for monsters. The sun was for the beings that crashed through the forests, and controlled the waters. They thrived in the light, and used fire for protection and destruction. They were children of the heat, and inhibitors of the world. Their children, copious. Their actions, malicious. Their ignorance, incredible.

And the day was theirs.

There was a time, the elders told us,  in which we traveled upon the earth in the day. When we did not have to fight for our lives, and cower in abandoned corners of the world. A time when our people sang bright songs, and guided the monsters. We had thought the monsters incapable of harm, like a child. We had believed them of us, but other in a way. Their otherness was far more than we expected.

And the day was theirs.

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Car lights moved across the glass, refracting into the room and causing shadows to dance across the walls. Thunder rumbled as the sky was lit up once again in a flash of blue that did not belong to a car, lightning? Christopher sat with his back in a corner, breathing deeply. It was becoming increasingly hard for him to breathe as he pulled his knees closer into his chest. The nightmare had been a recurring one: clowns, smiles, guns, screams, and blood. He didn’t want to go to his parents. they didn’t know that he had watched the babysitter’s movie from the shadows of the staircase.

The house creaked. Old houses always made sounds. It was the way they breathed, his father told him. He didn’t like thinking that the house needed to breathe. The house wasn’t alive, or at least he hoped so (he’d seen a movie about a living house once). The house whispered out as if someone was walking through the halls. He knew that it was childish of him to even believe that someone was in his house. His parents had a security system, the best around. No one could break – there was the distinct sound of footsteps. The footsteps were heavy, much like his father’s before morning coffee. Christopher focused on the crack along the door frame, trying to decipher the shape of the changing shadow on the other side of the door. Car lights moved outside, causing the door to glow intensely. Then they bled, and shook, rattling and cascading lighting the world in fire. His entire world was shaking. The fans, the lights, his bed, his world, and he knew it was himself. HIs entire body was jittery as he tried to sit still, silent, hiding.

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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Review

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Review

So hear me out. I actually finished American Dirt and this book last week. I had that review mostly done, then I realized there was a lot I still needed to do for it (audio files, getting picture and synopsis, making the rating). And I kinda just gave up. I decided to give you this review, and realized I hadn’t finished writing likes and audio files.

I’m too lazy, Voidfriends. So you only got one last week.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 46 (Chapter 92)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 6)

Evester struggled to run. He had broken something. A rib perhaps? Jumping from a moving vehicle was not the best idea, but it was all he could have done in that instance. A broken rib, how could he have been so stupid? Heia looked worse for wear, but she was fine. Lynx seemed to have dislocated her shoulder grabbing Heia. Not that Heia realized.

Evester rounded the corner towards where he was supposed to meet the others to find a massive blockade of cars that had been moved by the fall, as well as broken buildings. Fires lit the street, and the smell of oil was clear. They’d be lucky to get over it before it went up in flames.

“Uly…” Evester could not find a way around it.

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YP – B2:UtGoaFN – Chapter 45 (Chapter 91)

202 Days Until Collapse And the Uncertain End (Part 5)

Buildings were broken, cars discarded, bag and clothes thrown about, items scaattered all over the streets. There was food, blood, but no signs of most any body as Heia followed Evester through the city.

“This district has been evacuated.” Lynx looked around. “No casualties.”

“Which is a good sign,” Evester then jumped with the sound of an explosion. Turning back Heia slowed her pace in time to see an Evacuation ship breaking free from the CloudCity. The sound reverberated through the whole of the city. The ship was large and moving away quickly. “My mother will be on that one, with all of the other first evacuees.”

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Other Teas

Hey Voidfolk,

These are teas I got this year that are not specifically from my tea subscription box.

Let’s talk about how LONG it took me to get this to you. Let’s also talk that I went to the DMV this morning, was done in 20min, and was so caught off guard by how fast it was, that I just laid down to sleep and didn’t want to do this tea tasting today.

But I am, Voidfriends, I am for you.

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