2022 Book Challenge Overview

There are a lot of changes coming to my life in the next year, so I don’t plan on doing more reading than I can manage. This means, not actively searching out reading challenges to go after. If I plan to do more than the ones I have here, I’ll let you know but for now, I don’t think so.

You Read How Many Books Reading Challenge

Once again I am going ahead with this challenge! Woot! Let’s go!

Date: Year Long 2022

Goal: Teen (104 books)

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

I will do my best to actually read those books on my TBR that are to be completed LOL.

Date: All Year 2022

Goal: To complete much of my TBR

Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge

Last year went well! I’m going to try to read with two challenges for certain and try to make an actual TBR for it at the beginning of the year this time. If I’m not so dreadfully lazy LOL. Who knows. I am. Let’s go!

Date: Year Long 2022

Goal: Carroll Red Mayhem

Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge

I will write out my entire TBR. I will write out my entire TBR. I will– If I keep saying it, will it come true?

Date: Year Long 2022

Goal: To decimate my TBR

Magical Readathon: April

This April the magical readathon is going to completely change. So for rn it is here, and I know i am probably going to do it, I just have to wait and see to find out what it will fully entail.

Date: April 2022

Goal: IDK will find out when it drops

Magical Readathon: August

Like April, I’m not sure what this is going to be yet, but here it is as planned.

Date: August 2022

Goal: Not sure yet

December of Dragons

I will probably read a lot more dragon books this upcoming year than I did this past December. Or I hope to at least.

Date: December 2022

Goal: To read as many books with dragons as possible.

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