2021 Challenges Completion Overview

Here is the overview. I know its not necessary, but it is for my record purposes. So here you go.

Notice that I really failed at my Reading Challenges this year =____=

You Read How Many Books Reading Challenge

Goal (As of January 2021) : Teen (104 books)
Lofty Goal: 150 books
Completed books: 68
Completed Webnovels, Webtoons, Manga: 126 (in total of everything I read)

On the topic of W/W/M, I know I read a lot more and some other things finished this year but those are not included. Only the things I went start to finish on.

Full List of All Books

Full List of All Webnovels, Webtoons, and Manga

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

Did not track

Tackle My TBR

I was fully intending to track this, but by the time I started in January, I had not actually listed all my books from my TBR vs what I got for the year. SO. I didn’t actually do it. LOL Sorry.

Color Coded Reading Challenge

It sucks that I didn’t have enough books to do this one.

Whimsey and Mayhem Reading Challenge

Full List of All Books

Ranking Reached: Lewis Carroll Red Mayhem

Number of books read: 52

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