Myths I Like pt 3

I suppose this means I’m back to filler episodes weekly. This week’s filler episode is the end of an arc. The arc on myths I like. Look up Myths pt 1 to see what this is about, but basically its my dos and don’ts of using myths and legends. also gush over historical dramas and stuff. I guess.

I know that this is making me sound like I don’t want to do it. I do! I just want to get to the third part more (on my favorite fantasy creatures). Without further ado, Dos and Dont’s.

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Weekly Blog #7

I had no idea what to title this blog, so I went with the most generic title I could think of. I’m not even sure this is my 7th Weekly blog. Anyone want to check to find out what number it actually is? As in the blogs where I just talk and not about a specific subject. It’s probably like 3 or 4. Then with all the other weekly ones I make? This number should be much higher.


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Magic Lessons: Unicorn Crate

I remember telling you all that I got the notification for this book box back for my birthday (May 3rd) — or rather that I should hopefully get it around then. Guess what! I did not! I did not get it until about two days ago, which is frustrating and expected all at the same time. I knew that the email was too good to be true, and that most boxes ship out at the end of the month. Still, I had hoped.

Either way it is in now!

May 2019 Unicorn Crate: Magic Lessons.

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2019 Challenge Overview: Golden Trio

2019 Challenge Overview: Golden Trio

For more information on the challenge

Another Harry Potter Challenge? Who do I think I am?

A major nerd that’s who.

This one is a year long, and actually not that difficult to do. Although, there are some specifics aspects to this that I absolutely dread. (Like I don’t know if I’ll complete this because of how much I dread specifics of these prompts). Anyway, onward to this list. Like the Fantasy and Sci-fi one, I’ll update this list as I fit books into that specific category or prompt.

I would say my goal is to get Hermione, but with the prompts I dread (Audio-book, hello my arch nemesis) I doubt I’ll be able to. We shall see. In other news watch as I add in a bunch of Harry Potter Books to this because I want to reread the series (And I have to reread the first anyway). Anything in italics is planned out already. Because why not add the ones in that I know I’m going to read? They will no longer be in italics once complete.

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