NEWTs Reviews Update

Since I am only rereading or reading novels I don’t want to do reviews for, this month (September) will be the month where I put out all the reviews that I did not put out in August. This means all those books I finished in August? Their reviews are coming this month.

No worries, you will see them.

They will be The Wicked Years reviews, The Spellslinger reviews, and a few others that I’ve held on to from July as well. October we will be back to reading all these lovely books I’ve gotten in recent months from book boxes and the likes. Other new changes incoming? I’m not sure but that’s all for now.

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August Reading List

August Reading List

Oh my goodness, I pulled it off. I actually did it! I can’t believe I did. For those of you who are new or just following for the first time, I suppose, I did the NEWTs exams for August. My goal was Auror with two additional classes, because I can’t make my life easy.

Info on the Reading Challenge or my post here

Info on my choices

This was only pretty much horrible for me for three reasons. One: I had to read an audio book (but that was a lot of fun and that review is coming tomorrow). Two: One of the series isn’t completed (thank heavens tho, because I hated The Keepers). Three: I had to pick up a series I accidentally DNFed (which I ended up loving. The Wicked series reviews will come later next month). I really pushed myself this month, to do things outside of my comfort zone. Was I rewarded? I think so. I read a lot of great books this month. I was not able to read the +3 (three books that I added because I started one series but did not finish it). Oh well no harm no foul, right?

But you aren’t here to hear me ramble. Scores for my NEWTs!


August Review Archive

August Review Archive

A complete Archive of all reviews from the month of August (2019):

Total Number of Reviews : 8

          Books : 8

          Novellas : 0 

          Series Reviews : 0

           Poetry : 0


A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston

Spindle by E.K. Johnston

The Last Namsara by Kristen Cicarelli

Boy, Snow, Bird by Kristen Cicarelli

The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin

The Shadowed Sun by N.K. Jemisin

The Keepers: WWIII by Rick Friar

The Keepers: Tribulation by Rick Friar

Fairyloot Box: Things Are Not What They Seem

I got this Wednesday night, but decided to post today because I really didn’t want to post later. It also took me a day, with trying to pass my NEWTS, to take photos. The following is my reaction to getting it, immediately after I got it:

It is here! Oh my gosh it is here! When I picked it up it rattled and I didn’t know what that meant. I was really afraid something broke, but nope! We are all good! This box is also amazing. August has been a great month for book boxes. This time we get two photos because so many of these things are changeable or reversible.

August 2019 Fairyloot Box: Things Are Not What They Seem

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Heart of a Dragon: Unicorn Crate

I saw that Unicorn Crate was doing this theme and against my better judgement (does it exist? I’m not entirely sure sometimes), I bought it. I bought it and thought that it couldn’t be bad if it was theme about dragons. I was right. It is amazing. I love everything in this box and I hope that others had a similar experience with their boxes. This box is everything.

August 2019 Unicorn Crate: Heart of a Dragon

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End of Month Reading Update

Hello all! I think today is as good a day as any to post thrice. I want to talk about a few things.

First off, Book boxes.

I should get my Fairy Loot box today. Probably. Two, I will be getting the Queen of Nothing book box from Fairy Loot — mostly because I really like the idea of it.

Two, Newts

As of today I have six books left. This is actually a lot but the goal is to get one of them done today. I am freaking out that I will not finish in time. It’s a massive freak out really. Because I had eight left last week, but then three more as extras, for a grand total of 11. Four of these books are from Wicked‘s series. AKA long. Wish me luck. I have four days to pull this off.

Three, Tea Post

Sorry about not posting the second tea post for January yesterday. I simply… forgot to finish taking pictures of all the teas. It’ll be here today!

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Magic in the City: Fairyloot Box

Story time: I realized all too late that this book box had something wrong with it. I saw the notification on instagram about the shipment having disappeared before I got the email. When I got the email, they said that it should ship within that week, but I did not get the shipping email until sometime last week and didn’t get the box until Thursday. This has been all sorts of stressful but its okay because I wasn’t planning on reading the book this month anyway!

July 2019 Fairyloot Box: Magic in the City

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Amazing News!

Hooray! Everyone! Celebration time! We have reached 100 Followers before the sites birthday! This is amazing! I have no idea what to do in celebration about this…

Maybe, an additional post tomorrow about something? IDK. This is so amazing! Thank you all for following my little book review blog where I rant about nothing and everything all at once. You’ve stuck with me, and I can’t thank you enough!

Lets aim for 200!