Whimsy and Mayhem RC Concept

I created this challenge mostly as a challenge to read more, and in the next few weeks I will come up with the books I’m going to read for it. In a way, this is mostly to keep myself accountable, because I realized, at the end of this year, that I do not count my manga or web novels in my reading counts. I should, because I read a lot of them, but I do not and that is unfortunate. Thus, you should too!

I tried to make this as easy to read and follow as possible, but I’m only one human and I know what I am trying to say. If you are confused ask me questions please. I really want to make this as easy to understand as possible.

This reading challenge is more about having fun than breaking your neck to complete challenges, as well as not being standardized to any one person’s life style. It is why it is called the Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge. It is supposed to be chaotic across the board where no two readers complete the challenge the same way, but intended to be easy for the individual.

Joining is easy. Just join! Declare it, link back here, I don’t really care. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

If this continues on into the future, Modes and Characters will not change. Only the Prompts will. As such, lets go.

Go here for rules.

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