Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge 2021 Prompts: Spades

For a full list of what this is about go here. And then for the rules and regulations go here. If you have any questions let me know! This is the complete list for the new year prompt list! If you are wondering where in the world I got these words. Essentially they are all key words associated with the symbolism of spades. Some of them are a stretch but it all works.

2021 Prompt – Spades

All prompts for this year are going to be associated with the word “spades” from what that means in terms of card terminology, spades symbols, or attributes associated with the word spades. As such, please read a book where the following word is present either in character, theme, experience, cover, or otherwise:

  1. Growth
  2. Change
  3. Fall
  4. Autumn
  5. Winter
  6. Death
  7. Darkness
  8. Blue
  9. Essence of Life
  10. Ice
  11. Fractures
  12. Action
  13. Air
  14. Breathing
  15. Cosmics
  16. Leaves
  17. Shadows
  18. Old Age
  19. Wisdom
  20. Transformation
  21. Acceptance
  22. Water
  23. Rain
  24. Weapon
  25. Dig
  26. Upside down
  27. Reverse
  28. Black
  29. Green
  30. Sword
  31. Demons
  32. Secrets
  33. Wizards
  34. Graves
  35. Harvest
  36. White
  37. Becoming
  38. Warrior
  39. Nobility
  40. Ornate
  41. High Value
  42. Without color
  43. War
  44. Carnage
  45. Complexity
  46. Beauty
  47. Persevere
  48. Harbringer
  49. Unlucky
  50. 13 (Thirteen)
  51. Clarity
  52. Truth

Alright! So that’s it! All 52 prompts! Have fun!

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