Top Favorites for 2020

Alright! I decided to go with my top things for this year! Book content! Let’s go! This will not include favorite quote or favorite book, for those will come later today! I was gonna add a lot of photos. Turns out they are harder to find than I thought. Whoops lol oh well. Here you go for what I have.

Favorite Cover:

The Book of Dragons an Anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan

The Book of Dragons: An Anthology: Strahan, Jonathan: 9780062877161: Books

Most Read Author:

K.A. Applegate (The Everworld series is LONG)

Small Review: Book Review: Everworld series by K. A. Applegate

Most Books Read in a Month:

26 (Thanks July)

Favorite Tea:

Silver Moon Tea by TWG


Favorite Character:

Ed from The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson

Favorite Character Arc:

Vin from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Twist/Reveal:

The Omniscient Reader Viewpoint, the identity of the MC.

Favorite Romance:

Celine and Bastien from The Damned by

Favorite Villain:

Luc from Addie LaRue

Favorite Magic System:

Mistborn three systems. Come at me. I made a whole RP character based on it.

Favorite World:

The Starless Sea library

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