The Invisible Life of Addie La’Rue Review

The Invisible Life of Addie La’Rue Review

Alright! Here you go! My 4th favorite book that I read in 2020. I was going to put this out in the beginning of the month, so here we go. I LOVED this book. So much. I had two book clubs about this book. It was so much fun. I hope anyone who has been on the fence for reading it, goes ahead and does so. It is worth it, IMO.

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Top Ten Reads of 2020

Top Ten Reads of 2020

I wanted to do this list for a long time and honestly this was a fight to the death for me to decide which book got number one. I will explain the best I can for each book. Let’s go!

Also, I decided that this will go ahead and include some other media that I consumed because as much as I loved the books I read this year, some other series I read just… Blew other books out of the water. That’s why its top 10 reads!

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Top Five Quotes of 2020

Top Five Quotes of 2020

Alright! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! My top 5 quotes from 2020! I was ruthless. I was horrible. I decided that with nothing else to lose, I had nothing more to give, but my honest feelings. I feel bad, but also not, because its no coincidence that the top 5 quotes spots were dominated by the same two stories. I fell for two stories so irrevocably that like, nothing can be or will be the same (along with a few others). As such! Here you are.

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Exotic Teas of the World

So, shout out to my coworker for knowing me well enough to get me a box of teas that is in the form of a book. LOL it was a double hit. Teas and a fake book for trinkets. Its perfect. TIME TO DO SOME TASTING. I think, at least. HAHA. I am probably going to send a few of these to my friends in different states. My one friend was like “we are jelly.” I’m a nice friend, who will not possibly drink all this tea, so I’m sending it to them!

Each of the eight types has 10 bags, so there are 80 teas in this box, if you are interested in giving it a try. I can’t be 100% certain on ingredients nor on caffeine levels. As such this is more of a tasting and showcase. As an added twist I’mma write down what my mom says about all the teas as well, because why not! Enjoy!

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The Happenstance Hero

The Happenstance Hero

I’ve talked, in brief, before on the character type I call the Happenstance Hero. It was when I was talking about tropes I like. However to reiterate, in short what the Happenstance Hero is, is as follows.

In novels there are Chosen Ones. These are characters selected by fate or by the people to save the world, whether they want to or not. These are the Katniss’ (Hunger Games) and the Anakin Skywalkers (Star Wars). There tends to be a prophecy, a need, some sort of decision that is outside the control of the characters.

Then there is the Happenstance Hero, which is a type of chosen one. This is a person who falls into becoming the hero of the series, not because of fate or destiny or because they were chosen, but because they fall into the role. This is Katsa (Graceling) and Falcio (The Greatcoats). They happen to become the hero and it could have been anyone but there is no fate that decides it. There is no great prophecy for them either and they happened upon it.

In the end, a Happenstance Heroes can become Chosen Ones and vice versa is true.

The best examples of this are Frodo and Sam from Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter from Harry Potter. Frodo and Sam are, or rather Frodo is, Chosen and then Happen to become heroes. Harry happens to fit the bill and so he is chosen. Now for Harry this may seem like he was Chosen and then Happened to be, but he was Chosen by his enemy, and it could have been him or Neville. In the end he Happened to become the hero because he was born on a date with specific conditions for his parents, and then he was Chosen.

The largest distinction I can give you between Chosen Ones and Happenstance Heroes, is that one happens by fate and the other happens by chance (respectively).

When Katniss’ sister’s name was chosen, she was destined to become a symbol.

When Mare found out she had powers she was destined to become a symbol.

When Anakin found out he had powers he was destined to fall and then rise again.

Katsa happened to help someone.

Falcio happened to meet the right person who cared.

The two are intertwined often enough, and you may be asking yourself, why is this so important for you to have a whole post about it.

Because I think the distinction is important. Not all Chosen Ones are the same and not all heroes are the same, so when I use the phrase, I wanted it to be easier to find for you all. That’s basically it.

This is a fate vs choice argument. Or a Destiny vs Chance, one. I like both character types, and characters can be multiple types, and sometimes I think it’s important to remember that.

Until Next Time,