Exotic Teas of the World

So, shout out to my coworker for knowing me well enough to get me a box of teas that is in the form of a book. LOL it was a double hit. Teas and a fake book for trinkets. Its perfect. TIME TO DO SOME TASTING. I think, at least. HAHA. I am probably going to send a few of these to my friends in different states. My one friend was like “we are jelly.” I’m a nice friend, who will not possibly drink all this tea, so I’m sending it to them!

Each of the eight types has 10 bags, so there are 80 teas in this box, if you are interested in giving it a try. I can’t be 100% certain on ingredients nor on caffeine levels. As such this is more of a tasting and showcase. As an added twist I’mma write down what my mom says about all the teas as well, because why not! Enjoy!

England: English Breakfast Tea

MM: Alright, so we know how I feel about caffeine and black teas. I don’t like em. I just don’t. Since I never drink them, I have absolutely zero ideas on how to describe this tea. As such, I’m not really going to bother! It’s a black english breakfast tea and IDK.

So there is the standard black tea. It tastes what I’d assume is a standard black tea at least. IDK I don’t hate it. But like. Anything I have to add cream and sugar to, i’m like meh.

Rating: 3/5

Mom: It’s… Its an English Breakfast tea. There is a slight bitterness. Um. It would go well with breakfast. (lol she was like not super impressed but didn’t hate it.)

Rating: 4/5

France: French Vanilla Tea

MM: I do like this. I think this might be the only black tea I’ve reasonably liked. It kinda reminds me of hot chocolate with the cream and sugar. I might add lavender or mint. OH that would be so good. I think I actually found a black tea I liked wow. This is cool.

Rating: 4/5

Mom: The French Vanilla you aren’t getting rid of. Maybe its because of the sugar and I like sugar. But I think its the vanilla and I love vanilla. There is a lot of vanilla flavor in this. It is like a desert. We are keeping this. Even if you don’t want it. I’m taking it.

Rating: 5/5

I do think I added more sugar than necessary, but lol it’s FINE.

Morocco: Moroccan Mint Tea

MM: A pretty standard mint tea. It is very strong in the… spearmint taste. If you aren’t here for that taste, I warned you now! It is refreshing if you are in need of a light mint pick me up!

Rating: 4/5

Mom: It’s got a slight minty taste, but its got… It leaves a clean taste in your mouth like if you ate a piece of mint. its not overly strong, but its fine. I don’t dislike it but its not my favorite type of tea. It would be verbatim on a hot day.

Rating: 3.7/5

Turkey: Apple Spice Tea

This box says “Turkish” and I really didn’t understand why it went with that instead of the country name, thus I just did a change on my accord.

MM: This has a strange aftertaste, not gonna lie. Idk if I like it, but I do like the apple spice, surprisingly. I was not expecting it.

Rating: 3/5

Mom: Its refreshing. It has a slight smell of fall with a slight apple taste. (She did not say anything more than that)

Rating: 4/5

Jamaica: Honey Hibiscus Tea

MM: Look the smell to this is a bit strange but the taste is great. I really like it. It’s subtle. Its nice. You get the Honey and the Hibiscus but not in a way that I have distasted Hibiscus in the past. This is probably my favorite Hibiscus tea ever. Not gonna lie

Rating: 4/5

Mom: This has a faint floral note, that is so faint that if you don’t take a bit of time to taste it, you’ll miss it. This is a light tea. The kind of tea for people who don’t want their tea to be strong.

Rating: 2/5

China: Pomegranate Green Tea

MM: I don’t think I’ve had a pomegranate taste in a while. I really like this green tea. The pomegranate mixes with the green tea to make a very light an aromatic flavor. Its fruity but not too fruity. I think this is my favorite of the green teas in the box. Its between this and the Lemon Honey. This is more of a pick me up flavor to help with energy. IMO

Rating: 5/5

Mom: This is a good tea. I can’t come up with other adjectives other than it’s got a fruity-nees to it. This is one I could drink without sugar. (She usually drinks tea with sugar. I do not)

Rating: 4/5

Japan: Lemon Honey Green Tea

MM: Sore throat? Drink this! I actually could care less about adding lemon and honey to my green tea, so this where I can already have it added? BLESS I love it. It is great even if you over steep it, like I did when I gave it to my mom. Whoops.

Rating: 5/5

Mom: Wow! You can taste this (I over steeped it). It has a light lemon-y flavor. It would make a good iced tea.

Rating: 4/5

India: Orange Black Tea

MM: Its a black tea and its orange. I really don’t know. Do I add sugar? Do I add milk or cream? What do I do?? The orange is very potent in smell and taste but so is the black tea. I’m confused on what I should do. I’m gonna have to defer to my mother.

Mmm, even with sugar and cream… It does taste better but IDK I still taste the black tea. HOWEVER I think the orange comes out more this way.

Rating: 2/5 (3/5 with cream and sugar)

Mom: It tastes like a black tea. (She doesn’t taste the orange).

(with cream and sugar) I can taste the orange flavor now. Its a light flavor, not too strong. But I can taste it.

Rating: 4/5

So those are the teas! I am all tea-d out for the month. I have so much I don’t know what to do with myself. I do have to say that my mom and my tastes are so vastly different that its hilarious. I rarely use sugar in my tea. I could use it, but like… After senior year of college, I don’t bother anymore. TBH it would make a few teas a lot more bearable if I used sugar. But also, I don’t really want to drink a sugary drink or be reliant on it. The black teas tho. They probably need sugar for me to even remotely want to try them. I’ll try doing that for some of the others.

I hope you are having a good day!


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