Exotic Teas of the World

So, shout out to my coworker for knowing me well enough to get me a box of teas that is in the form of a book. LOL it was a double hit. Teas and a fake book for trinkets. Its perfect. TIME TO DO SOME TASTING. I think, at least. HAHA. I am probably going to send a few of these to my friends in different states. My one friend was like “we are jelly.” I’m a nice friend, who will not possibly drink all this tea, so I’m sending it to them!

Each of the eight types has 10 bags, so there are 80 teas in this box, if you are interested in giving it a try. I can’t be 100% certain on ingredients nor on caffeine levels. As such this is more of a tasting and showcase. As an added twist I’mma write down what my mom says about all the teas as well, because why not! Enjoy!

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December of Dragons TBR

December of Dragons TBR

WE ARE HERE. The one reading thing that I have done and LOVE so much. December is here and that means so much. I have so much to do and to complete. I have all of my writing challenges to review and give to you, as well as my 12 post countdown to the end of the year. I have so many books to read and am HYPED for the end of the year.

Last year when I did this reading event, I got through so many dragon books that I essentially dragoned myself out. I did not know it was possible, but it was. Surprise. This year I did not buy many new books about dragons, and so thus I had to decide on a different sort of dragon for this month. Don’t worry.

For those of you wondering what the December of Dragons is. It is my book event where I try to read as many books about Dragons as I possibly can. Dragon shifters, books with Dragon enemies, Dragon riders. Anything and everything. Why? I’m a fool, that’s why and I LOVE dragons. As such I decided to set my last month of the year for these books, as dependent on if I can confirm they can be loosely dragon related. This year is a larger stretch than I would like, but it’s fine. I can justify it.

ANYWAY! Let’s jump in.