August Teas

Hello, hello! I know that it’s odd for me to post my tea boxes late, however, I decided to have an un interrupted stream of book reviews last month. Also, I know it’s weird that it’s not on a Tuesday that this is coming to you. That’s because I did not want to overwhelm you yesterday, with more posts. It’s going to be a lot for the next few weeks, as I catch up on things. Thanks for being there everyone! Now! Into tea!

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June Teas

So, yeah. I realize I didn’t put out a review this Monday. It’s because I’m not reviewing the classics. Then all the other books I have reviewed, the book clubs were moved so I was not able to get the final review done. I’m behind on a few things, but I have a lot of posts just sitting in my drafts. I will get those finished as soon as possible. Also, I’ll get the rating system up and going ASAP too. I promise. Goodness. I’m so behind but my goal for June was to get as much of this done as I possibly could, so I still plan to!

ANYWAY, you aren’t here for an update. You are here for TEA.

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