March Teas

I am getting this post out in time! Do you have any idea how excited that makes me? It means I finalized taking 7 photos of tea today, is what it means. I’m going out for tea later! Save me! I don’t know if I can drink that much tea in one day (I can, but should I is another question). I feel like I should bring a book with me to that cafe to take a photo, but I have no idea which one to take.

You have three hours for suggestions! Otherwise, what you have been waiting for.

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December 2018 Teas

I decided to give you all the teas I have gotten in the recent months, from my tea box subscription that you can be sure I will be continuing (if money permits). I have my tea box subscription through One of my closest friends bought me the subscription for Christmas, and my life has never been the same again (I have so many teas). January will come later this afternoon at some time.

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