July Teas

WOW. I have just not done any of my tea boxes in months. What am I even doing? Well, you get them all here and now, for the next few weeks. The last tea boxes that I will have.

Month: July 2021

Lemon Cake by Red Rose

This tea is made from apple pieces, rosehips, natural flavor, lemon peel, orange peel, citric acid, and Reb A (Stevia).

The first thing to know about this tea is that when I say it smells like lemon cake, I mean it. You open the bag and there is the smell of fresh lemon cake. Then you taste it and they nailed it. It is sweet and lemony and actually really good.

I find it difficult to rate this one because I don’t much care for the tea itself, but the execution is just marvelous. It is so good, for a tea that tastes like a cake. If I were doing anything Alice in Wonderland themed and I needed a good cake tasting tea, this is it. I’ve had other teas that taste like cookies, but none as good as this. I suppose, despite my lack of interest in it as a concept, I will rate it what I think it deserves.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 5/5

Orance Blossom White Tea by The Republic of Tea

This tea is made from Chinese white tea, natural orange, and orange flavoring.

This tea is a strong white tea base with a hint of orange. Its not bad but it is not a tea I would go out of my way to drink. If you like teas with a hint of another flavor, I recommend this one. I’d also recommend adding a bit of sugar to help sweeten it up.

This tea contains low levels of caffeine.

Rating: 3/5

Moroccan Mint by Numi

This tea is made from fair trade certified organic mint.

This is a bitter mint tea. It is soft on the initial taste but very bitter for the after taste. I’m not sure if I like that better or worse than one that is bitter in first and sweet after. Since I can’t decide, I’m going to just go with an average rating for this one. It’s not bad tho.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 3/5

Tea of Flowers by The Loose Leaf

This tea is made from organic pink roses, organic chamomile, organic lavender, and organic hibiscus.

This tea color is so pretty and the bag is filled with dried flowers. That was the first indication to me that this box was going to be a good one. This tea has a strange way about it. The smell is rose, but the taste itself is hibiscus and the aftertaste is that chamomile and lavender. I think it really showcases how flavors first hit the tongue in potency. Regardless I love it. It’s so good!

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 5/5

This box turned out really well, which I believe is a good sign for August. Lol not sure tho. Either way, you will be getting the August teas in September. Look forward to it!

Until Next Time,


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