Exotic Teas of the World

So, shout out to my coworker for knowing me well enough to get me a box of teas that is in the form of a book. LOL it was a double hit. Teas and a fake book for trinkets. Its perfect. TIME TO DO SOME TASTING. I think, at least. HAHA. I am probably going to send a few of these to my friends in different states. My one friend was like “we are jelly.” I’m a nice friend, who will not possibly drink all this tea, so I’m sending it to them!

Each of the eight types has 10 bags, so there are 80 teas in this box, if you are interested in giving it a try. I can’t be 100% certain on ingredients nor on caffeine levels. As such this is more of a tasting and showcase. As an added twist I’mma write down what my mom says about all the teas as well, because why not! Enjoy!

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November Teas

Sorry! I’ve had this box for weeks and I have been MAJORLY slacking on pretty much everything. Because of this, I am just not doing anything. Like this is a major slump these last few months for the site. Thank you all who stuck with it and those who for some reason keep showing up, I guess. It’s been rough. I’m just ugh. 2021, I’m looking forward to you!

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October Teas

Yeah… I know this is coming to you REALLY late this month. Don’t hate me. I’m sorry, I had no motivation to write up these for a week or more. Its a think that happens when I have all the time in the world at work. I really am just dad, because usually I have more work to do this month and I just don’t and it really hit me, that I just haven’t made as much as I usually do. Sucks to work an event job, I guess. Anyway, Voidfriends! Here we go! Tea.

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