June Teas

Happy Tuesday! Here is your first of the tea posts that I am going to give to you. Next week will be off for tea posts, for I will not be able to take the photos. For now… June!

I’ve been holding on to a lot of teas in this month, and so at the time of trying them here, this is my first time for many of them. I ran out of tea bags, which is why I haven’t tried them, despite knowing that I should. Either way, I am now.

Let’s go!

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March Teas

I am getting this post out in time! Do you have any idea how excited that makes me? It means I finalized taking 7 photos of tea today, is what it means. I’m going out for tea later! Save me! I don’t know if I can drink that much tea in one day (I can, but should I is another question). I feel like I should bring a book with me to that cafe to take a photo, but I have no idea which one to take.

You have three hours for suggestions! Otherwise, what you have been waiting for.

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