May Teas

Here are my teas from 2021, May. I really liked this collection of teas, actually, considering what I’ve had for the last few boxes.

Month: May 2021

Organic Chocolate Orange Rooibos Tea by Cederbos

Pure rooibos leaves, natural chocolate, and orange flavoring extract

I’m like 100% sure I am being nicer to this tea because I drank the mint tea before this lol. It is chocolatey in the softest of ways and honestly I did not taste the orange. If I had added mild and sugar, I probably would have. I’m not likely to do that, so if anyone does try it, let me know!

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 3/5

Peppermint by Choice Organics

Organic peppermint leaf

Whoops. I forgot I was trying the other teas lol. I sat down and just started drinking this as I was explaining to my friend why book twitter drama sucks. Anyway! I really like this tea. It is nice and soothing, very smooth and not too strong in the mint. The after taste is a little strange which is why it is a four, in the leafy earthy sort of way not a bad way.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 4/5

Smile & Laughter by Marabette & Co

Mango pieces, hibiscus, lemon grass, orange pieces, apple pieces, pineapple pieces, mango flavor, orange flavor, pineapple flavor, rose hips, rose petals, and marigold flowers

When I first smelled the tea I thought it smelled like gum, then I thought it smelt like medicine. When I drank the tea, there is at first a sharp taste that is quickly replaced by the sweetness of all the other flavors. So color me confused, because I actually like the way that the other flavors work together. I’m blaming that first sharp taste on the hibiscus cuz that’s what it reminds me of. The after taste is heavenly and light and so fruity. I’m conflicted on this tea…

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 4.5/5

Calm by The Witchwood Teahouse

Lemon balm, chamomile, rose and oatstraw

This tea says that it is anti-stress and anti-anxiety. The smell of oat does attack the nose when you first open the packaging but I am happy to report that the tea does not taste oat-ey. This is a very light tea. I’m not surprised that it is called calm, as that is what it tastes like. Chamomile, Rose, and Lemon Balm create a wonderful taste that is soothing. I do like this one.

This tea is caffeine-free.

Rating: 5/5

And there you have it! My May teas, that I’ve had for weeks. At least this isn’t coming to you late, as late as that March one did. Like I said earlier, I’m planning on halting my tea box subscription by September, so… Thus begins the countdown of the final tea boxes I will be reviewing. I hope to someday come back to sipsby. If not, it has been a lot of fun for the last two years and really helped me refine what I did and didn’t like. Maybe I’ll do a what I learned later on, who knows.

Until Next Time.


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