Update for Reviews

Hey VoidFriends.

I think I am going to hold off on series reviews for a while until I really can get back into them again. I used to write them as a way to wrap up a series, but as it is rn, I don’t want to do that. So… I’m not going to, lol. It’s already hard enough to get myself to write reviews for books right now, because I don’t want to read. In an attempt to let myself not be so burdened I am not going to make series reviews. If I am drawn to do so, because a series really strikes me, I will, but for now no promises.

I realize that because of my reading slump, reviewing books has become much harder, and I dread doing it. I didn’t want to read before and now that I know I need to add reviews, I don’t want to read because I have to review them. Cutting down on what I review will help that a lot. I am just trying to love reading again, so here is to that!

Until Next Time,


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