December of Dragons (December TBR)

As I mentioned at some point earlier in the year, I decided early on that I would create a book event for myself all about reading books about dragons. I decided early on what books I’d be reading this month. This list is a priority list. Anything that I do not get to I’ll end up reading next year’s December.

This isn’t particularly a challenge, as I have no real prompts for this month outside to read as many books about dragons as I possibly can. (To get dragon-ed out, I suppose. Is it even possible?) I have saved on reading so many great books about dragons this year. I’m not sure you understand how much my heart has wept.

With as many dragon books that there are in this world –trust me. I would know. I’ve checked — this event will be going on a long while. I also don’t plan to actually finish all the series I have listed here. I had hoped to read the Pern novels this time around (I have not), but there are too many other series I need to complete that are going to take the place of those books. The same applies to the Going Down in Flames series.

Next year. Next year.

Either way I have a lot of books to read.

Without further ado, my list for this December of Dragons.

The flames licked the sides of the hearth warming those who tried to grow comfortable near her fire. A stack of books tall with ancient legends of worlds far away and ages long ago. With nothing but the time in the world, as the cold winds raged outside, hands traveled to the top of the pile to crack open the pages. Once inside the novel they’d be swept away…

For this, this was the time of dragons. The moment that their breath brought light to the world and lit the souls of all who listened on baited breath. This was the time of the kings of the sky who protected their interests and their comrades. This was the time of hiding, in caves and homes. For this was the time of dragons and with dragons came a horde. And with a horde came books. And with books came the stories that whisked one away.

For this was the time of dragons, as it was every year. This was December, and December was for Dragons.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Before She Ignites series by Jodi Meadows
– Before She Ignites
– As She Ascends
– When She Reigns

The Last Namsara Series by Kirstin Cirarelli
– The Caged Queen
– The Sky Weaver

Bright Star by Erin Swan

The Tea Dragon Society (I’ve actually already read this online. I just want to reread it and own it. It’s a super simple reread. I have yet to buy this.)

The Hunting of the Last Dragon by Sherryl Jordan

Dragon Rider Legacy by Nicole Conway
– Savage
– Harbringer

The Drakon by Shana Abé
– The Smoke Thief
– The Dream Thief
– Queen of Dragons
– The Treasure Keeper
– The Time Weaver

Dragon’s Trust by K.C. Glass
– Trusted
– Burned
– Stolen
– Tempered (I actually don’t know if I’ll read this one cuz I couldn’t get it in paperback)

The Dragon Archives by Linda K. Hopkins
– Bound by a Dragon
– Pursued by a Dragon
– Loved by a Dragon
– Dance with a Dragon
– Forever a Dragon
– Dragon Redeemed (Could not get this one either)

I know that these aren’t as beautiful a picture as it could be but its the best any of us are going to get. Anyway! We are off into the magical world of dragons! I am excited as all hell for this month in terms of reading. Especially after last month being such a wild ride of amazing texts. I’m hyped!

Shall We Begin?

Marlena Marie

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