2020 Book Challenge Overview

Here is the Overview. I know its not necessary, but it is for my record purposes. So here you go.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself this year. So there were a few reading challenges that I liked (Out of your comfort zone, cloak and dagger, 2020 Reading Challenge) but I’m not reading for them. For the Master list of Reading Challenges, go here. You will probably find a bunch of fun reading challenges there!

You Read How Many Books Reading Challenge

I did this challenge last year (link above is from that), and it is SUPER easy. Its just counting my own books that I read. As such, I plan to do it again. This time my goal will be a little higher than last year. I read 148 this last year, and I think that this goal is doable. If I jump up to the next level, that will be awesome but I’m not sure.

Date: Year Long 2020

Goal: Teen (104 books)

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

I most certainly did not do much for this event last year. This year will be different! I have so many books that I read from incomplete series, that I will complete this year.

Date: All Year 2020

Goal: To complete much of my TBR

Whimsy and Mayhem Reading Challenge

Honestly, who would I even be if I didn’t do my own reading challenge for the year? At first I was tempted to do all the characters. I’m not sure that I will, but I may try it if I run out of motivation. I just don’t want to overwhelm myself. HAHA. I think, that if I did do all the characters, all my other challenges would come first (but Carroll which is my ultimate goal) and I’d try my best to fit the other books in as I can.

We’ll see.

This TBR is coming soon, I promise! Surely. I swear it.

Date: Year Long 2020

Goal: Carroll Red Mayhem

Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge

This is another counting Reading challenge, that I can do alongside W&M. I really need a lot of them, and this will help me tear apart of TBR. All books that I own as of December 2019, will be counted on that TBR. I may make a full list of what those books are for next week. Keep a look out.

Date: Year Long 2020

Goal: To decimate my TBR

Color Coded Reading Challenge

This challenge is so easy, that it will be a shame NOT to do it. I will sign up for it once I have my TBR up. Watch as I make this challenge 200% harder for myself by forcing myself to only read books with the colors in the titles. I will destroy myself. (And now that I’ve thought it, you know it’s in the back of my mind)

Date: Year Long 2020

Goal: All 9 books ASAP

Magical Readathon: OWLS

The above link is to the the last year event. This Challenge is so simple and fun! I love it so much and I will for certain try another route, probably. Not sure. HAHA. Once the real challenge drops in March, the TBR will be up.

Date: April 2020

Goal: Probably Alchemist for the book count, but IDK

Magical Readathon: NEWTS

The above link is to the the last year event. I did this reading challenge last year, and I plan to continue doing it into the future. It is a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to have the chance to do it again. Once the rules drop in July (?) I will post my TBR.

Date: August 2020

Goal: Not sure yet

December of Dragons

The above link is to the the last year event. I AM doing it again, obviously. It’s not hard, and its a fun way to end the year. Look for that TBR, towards the end of the year.

Date: December 2020

Goal: To read as many books with dragons as possible.

pt 1
pt 2

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