November Reading List

I think that this is the first time since August that I finished… no not even in August did I finish my TBR. This is intense. Well, I finished it excluding Fire & Blood, but that’s like a text book and did we actually expect me to finish it? No.

The October FairyLoot Box was a book I read in October, as a note, so that didn’t end up getting read. I feel like I would have read more if I had The Blood Mirror on hand when I finished The Broken Eye. I did not. Without much more to say, let’s get into this.


The Great Coats by Sebastien De Castell
– Traitor’s Blade
– Knight’s Shadow
– Saint’s Blood
– Tyrant’s Throne

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
– A Dance with Dragons

Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks
– The Black Prism
– The Blinding Knife
– The Broken Eye
– The Blood Mirror
– The Burning White

Alright coming to you soon is my December TBR.

Until Next Time,


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