November TBR

Alright, so this list is a bit more manageable than last month. Sort of. Kinda. I fell into a book rut, from how much work I had to do IRL. It did not leave much room for me to read, if we are being serious. As such, I will be sending those books that I didn’t finish, to January. I will also be completing all the series on my TBR shelf for next year. So instead of buying books that are higher on my want to read list, all the books that I have book 1 or book 2 or more, to on my shelf will be the series I aim to complete. I will write more about this when we get closer.


October Review Archive

October Review Archive

A complete Archive of all reviews from the month of October (2019):

Total Number of Reviews : 12

          Books : 7

          Novellas : 0 

          Series Reviews : 2

          Series Reading Time Reviews: 2

           Poetry : 1


Soulbinder by Sebastien De Castell

Queenslayer by Sebastien De Castell

The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen

Article Five Series by Kristen Simmons


The Missing Reading Times

Redwall Reading Times


to drink coffee with a ghost by Amanda Lovelace

Alright just a few more posts to go! We got this! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!

Until Next Time!


October Reading List

October Reading List

Once Again, my list for the last month was not nearly as completed as it could have been. Also, I finished quiet a few books on this list that were not on my TBR. I suppose, it was only bound to happen, that I would return to a book rut once more. Hopefully having a change of pace next month into adult books will help spring board me into the other books on my shelves again. Fingers crossed.

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2019 Challenge Overview: Golden Trio

2019 Challenge Overview: Golden Trio

For more information on the challenge

Another Harry Potter Challenge? Who do I think I am?

A major nerd that’s who.

This one is a year long, and actually not that difficult to do. Although, there are some specifics aspects to this that I absolutely dread. (Like I don’t know if I’ll complete this because of how much I dread specifics of these prompts). Anyway, onward to this list. Like the Fantasy and Sci-fi one, I’ll update this list as I fit books into that specific category or prompt.

I would say my goal is to get Hermione, but with the prompts I dread (Audio-book, hello my arch nemesis) I doubt I’ll be able to. We shall see. In other news watch as I add in a bunch of Harry Potter Books to this because I want to reread the series (And I have to reread the first anyway). Anything in italics is planned out already. Because why not add the ones in that I know I’m going to read? They will no longer be in italics once complete.

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2019 Challenges Overview: Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi

2019 Challenges Overview: Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Link to the Event

Alright, here we go everyone into the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Challenge that we all know that I’ll be able to do. Because what else do I read? The answer is: not much else.

As such I decided to join this challenge for books to read. It’ll keep me preoccupied over the course of the year (I hope). It also motivates me to get a lot of the other books I needed to read (or reread), finished.

I will fill this in as I read more. For now it’ll remain mostly empty until I have a book that fits the category of placement. Be sure to check back periodically (probably monthly) to see all of the books that I add!

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