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49 Days Until Marriage And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The paintings were beautiful. Zeydar had not expected Evester to be able to do so much with such little time. His best ones were the blue paintings, depicting water and the sky. As Zeydar stared at them, he listened to Evester’s shorter overview of what he had done in the time that they were apart. Zeydar’s own overview had taken the better part of three hours as he explained the political happenings and the hoops he had to jump. He had explained how the Superiors had tried to contain him until they no longer could and had separated him from the system. Zeydar had been unable to find a way to get back into the tablet’s control. He knew it had taken a lot of energy for him to get kicked out, but none of his studies had allowed him to get back in. Luckily, however, it meant they were apprehensive about adding Kony to the system.

“Like them?” Evester asked from where he sat on his bed.

Zeydar looked up to him. Evester had spent the afternoon helping his mother and assisting Heia and the others with other aspects for the exodus. He looked tired. They had spent hours talking and the majority of the house was deep into sleep for the night. Zeydar had work the next day, and he knew better than to take too much time staying awake. 

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49 Days Until Marriage And the Uncertain End  (Part 1)

Estashia and Maverin had yet to grace the room with their presence that morning. Shortly after arriving back at home in Ovaria, Evester had done his debriefing and then promptly fallen asleep next to Kim and Uly. When he woke the next morning, the room had been filled with the majority of the EverDanger members. Their soft breaths had mixed in a harmony. As if accustomed to the sound, they had slept soundly. How they had survived so long without the company was beyond Evester, for it had been so necessary.

In the dining room, most everyone was seated. Kori, Karla, and Kony were talking in muted whispers to each other, comparing battle scars and stories. Evester had heard bits and pieces of Zeydar giving a quick over view of Kony’s classes. Evester had seen the videos, but he did not know much of how to compare Kony’s magic to others, especially now that he was learning in classes. The two were to go off to school later that day. Evester would have to take the time to speak with Kim and Uly and catch up on their plans.

Evester mixed his tea with his spoon when he felt Zeydar place his hand on Evester’s thigh. As if his entire body had been ignited, Evester glanced to Zeydar, who was nonchalantly talking with Endwin about Circle politics and a special meeting that Endwin was holding. Why did Zeydar touch him?

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After Memory (part 3)

Zeydar stood shivering, blankets around him and screams resounding in his head. The screams would not disappear, and no matter the number of blankets, he could not get warm. He tried to pull himself closer, to collapse in on himself, but no matter what he did, it all kept going.

“This is him?” A woman asked.

“Yes,” the man answered. “Can we trust you to take care of this?”

“No.” Zeydar reached out for the man, unsure who he was even after this time. A Superior? But the memories were condensing and collapsing on top of each other. He knew no names. He knew no faces. Only Tyler as Tyler looked at him and then — Zeydar felt the tears at his eyes and felt the flames on his skin as people screamed.

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After Memory (part 2)

There was a lot of damage thanks to the Aralax invasion, but it seemed to Evester that most citizens were ignoring it completely. He hoped that most people were safe. Unlike many Towers, the Aralax went straight for the CloudCity instead of the Tower itself. While the damage was minimal, they had gotten smarter in their attack. Evester knew that the defenses were far more active than before the attack. No one had been expecting the monsters. Now that there was the risk, getting out was all the more difficult.

The Tower was filled with people, all X’s with their marks shown and their lives in constant motion. With deep breaths, Evester moved through the Tower. He had to get down, then out, and away. Do the mission for his father. It could not be that difficult. He’d raced through the Tower multiple times without being seen. He boarded a bus and tried to keep his head down. Sleeves drawn tight against his arms, he sat in the back, trying to go without notice.

He failed.

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After Memory (part 1)

Heia’s feet shuffled against the dirt, kicking up dust into the air as she walked back into LakeLost. Coughing to herself, she glared out into the destruction that was little fixed. After all the time, not much had changed. The fires may have been gone, but the dank smell of ash, water, and sewage remained. The air and the lights, while on, were musky. Long gone was her home, and city that had housed her. Before her was a cesspool left by the government, for her to exist within as they fled to their better fixed, better protected cities.

Looking to Layla, who’s dark circles had grown permanent, Heia started towards their house, bags in hand. As their original home was lost, they had been assigned a new home. Getting on to the public bus, Heia tried to let her heart settle. She thought of Shawn, of the orphans who had never found their families, of the families who had never found their loved ones, of her parents who were still missing.

“Have you heard from Shawn?” Kori asked.

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Penultimate YP Update

Wow! I can’t believe we are here. Book five is DONE? What? I can’t believe this. It almost feels like it took half the time t get through book five as it did to get through book 4 (spoiler alert it did. Lol ignoring hiatuses, book 5 was far smaller than book 4).

With this, however, we are at the penultimate YP update. I am not expecting there to be any more YP updates for progress, save this one and the very last one that you will get after book six is completed. As of right now the numbers still look good. Our schedule is the current live schedule. After that, I will be focusing on CON completely. I realized, that while I had it in me to do both at the same time, I really could not keep up with the edits, with school. Eitherway, you should be seeing CON chapters coming out soon. Once a week.

Additionally, we have reached 300. You know what that means? 6 chapters a week (phew). With the six a week, that means we are going to hit 400 chapters really quick. And yes, we will hit 400 chapters before the end. Congrats to 300 chapters! Here is to 400!

Thanks for sticking it through with me this whole time!

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 49 (CHAPTER 309)

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Reunion (Part 3)

Zeydar stood shivering. He hadn’t slept in more than a day. His body felt reinforced by magic, but his mind ached. When was the last time he had pulled an all-nighter? Had he lost the talent? The single night of lack of sleep should have been nothing. All of the Igilistals, Layla, Uly, Andre, Shawn, May, Kony, and Zeydar stood waiting for the others. The planes had landed, but they had to get through security, and each moment was driving Zeydar nuts.

“Worried?” Shawn nudged him.

“Give him a break. He saved twenty other Towers.” May got between the two of them. She pulled Zeydar closer. He wanted to relax and sleep on her shoulder, but knew better than to do that. The moment he relaxed it was over, he’d sleep the rest of the day away.

“We can take you home to rest.” Kony reminded him from the other side. 

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Top Ten Tuesday: Summer 2022

Okay, here is to hoping that I am able to get the next few weeks of these done. I am going to be going on holiday, here shortly. I hope I can get these next few weeks set up. Let’s hope!

<<Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.>>

June 28: Books On My Summer 2022 To-Read List

Alright. No one is going to be surprised by this, if you’ve been following me for long enough. I am in Scotland. I only have so many books with me. These are the books that I am going to read, this summer, and like… nothing new. Which is sad, because I have a massive TBR back home in the states, but these are the books I have with me.

Also, sorry, no pictures this time guys.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 308)

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Reunion (part 2)

Evester looked back to the soldiers. Rayda continued to give them instructions on where to take all the people of the city. All of the cities had been cleared, but the soldiers needed to double check the safe houses, and to make sure that they got all people. No one could be left behind. Once it was done, then they would be able to leave. EverDanger, however, would leave before that.

“Its been a long night.” Karla yawned from next to Evester. 

“We can sleep on the plane,” Evester told her. He too was tired, but ancy. He wanted to get to Zeydar as much as he wanted to sleep. Getting back to Ovaria, however, took precedence.

“Are we going to be accosted when we land?”

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