Tales Retold: FairyLoot Box

Hello, hello! Here is your second book box of the day. Fingers crossed to get the August ones soon, because I am slowly funning out of time.

July 2021 FairyLoot Box: Tales Retold

This theme doesn’t feel as connected to me, color wise, as some other boxes have been in the past. Just an FYI. The color of the book is very pink and the rest of the theme is very blue. I don’t hate it, but I think it was a missed opportunity to have a very pastel themed option here.

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Go Your Own Way: Owl Crate

I’ve been holding out on these book boxes for way too long. You are going to get June, July, and August before September, hopefully. Hopefully. We’ll see. If not, then one day later. IDK we’ll see where it goes from here. I am going to be getting rid of this subscription. For now, here you go.

June 2021 Owl Crate: Go Your Own Way


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Spellcraft: Fairyloot Box

I suppose better late than never is the way I’ll look at this. Here is the May box! I am still waiting on June for FL actually. So, who knows. Maybe by the time this posts it will be here. No clue tho.

May 2021 Fairyloot Box: Spellcraft

I already know, based on the info card, that I own the book that is in this box. I suppose that means I have another book copy to give my friend. No love lost there. She’ll be thankful for it lol.

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Hidden Identities: Fairyloot Box

Woah? Are we really jumping back to April? Yes.

April 2021 Fairyloot Box: Hidden Identities

I know what you’re thinking. MM thanks for finally posting this. lol I KNOW it’s taken me months to get this to you. Am I sorry? Not remotely. Because I took this much time I have more boxes that can get to you quickly. I have Owlcrate June and Fairyloot May. We have enough to get into July! This means consistent posts from me. Can you really ask for anymore from me? Sure you can, but will it happen?

Probs not.

Anyway! Onwards!

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Ruthless Rivals: Owl Crate

Okay! It’s been a long time coming but here is the Owl Crate from April. It’s been a full month, I know. Whoops. I was supposed to get this out the first week of May and if this isn’t indicative of my mindset rn. Whatever tho, here you go. Instead of giving you all these boxes at once tho, they’re going to come weekly until I catch up.

April 2021 Owl Crate: Ruthless Rivals

This box was very red and came just in time for when I hosted hotpot. I got a pair of chopsticks in here that I’ve already used, that’s what I feel about this box already. It is very good.

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