Expect the Unexpected: Owl Crate

Okay. Here is your second box for the month. This is from May, so it’s not too late. I can not promise the same for next week’s box lol.

May 2021 Owl Crate: Expect the Unexpected.

Okay! So here we go into a world of blue and purple. There were a lot of quotes for this box, unsurprisingly.

What the Box contains:

  • Square scarf inspired by Rule of Wolves designed by Out of Print
  • Corduroy Bag inspired by Obsidio and hand lettered by Studio Kyra Calligraphy
  • Vinyl Sticker inspired by The Guilded Wolves designed by Lion in the Trees
  • Metal Tassel Bookmark inspired by Scythe and The Fifth Season designed by Pixel & Ink Creative
  • Collectible Book Tin inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic designed by Forensics and Flowers
  • The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He
  • Pin inspired by The Ones We’re Meant to Find designed by Hafsah Faizal.

Book Tin – “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still”
Sticker – “Most myths are just truths covered in cobwebs.”
Bookmark side 1 – “Hope in the shadows of fear is the words most powerful motivator”
Bookmark side 2 – “Neither myths nor mysteries can hold a candle to the most infinitesimal spark of hope”
Pin – “Logic ends where love begin”
Bag – “May we meet again on distant shores”
Scarf – “We’re all monsters now”

Things I’ll use: Pin goes to the pin flag. The bag, I want to give to a friend. Bookmark, I will be giving to my other friend, as it really would do well for her. The sticker went into my quotes book and the scarf… Idk what I will do with the scarf actually. It’s too pretty not to keep, but, will I use it? The Tin goes with the other on my shelf and it is so niceeee.

Book: I’ve heard so much hype around this book. Look at that cover! It’s so pretty. I was surprised to find that it was a sci-fi novel, after reading the blurb. It peaks my interest all the more knowing that. I also love sibling stories of strong sibling bonds.

So here was the box of quotes. I really liked the blue and mellow vibe through it all. Everything was very, watery. I like it.

Until Next Time!


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