Let’s Talk: His Dark Materials

Let’s talk about HBO’s new His Dark Materials adaptation. I wasn’t planning on watching this series, if we were being honest.

Well, no. I wanted to watch it, but I was afraid.

I love His Dark Materials as a series. I didn’t hate the movie when it came out, but it wasn’t right. So seeing this, seeing actors I love in it, I was tempted. But I also don’t want to be dragged into a series where I look at the page to screen and scream “WRONG.” I just don’t. Not for this series. Not again.

And then the reviews came out. Oh, the reviews came out. And people who have never read the books are apparently confused AF, and the book readers love it? A big criticism is that there aren’t enough dæmons? (Which I did hear was because of budget constraints and to try to keep people focused. I understand that.) There have been some reviews that say it still it isn’t good enough, but it is better and reviewers I trust are saying its good.

I’m shocked. Stunned. Amazed. Enthralled. Excited.

Thus, I will be rereading the books as soon as I finish A Dance with Dragons and I will be starting the TV show as soon as I can. I may be writing weekly reviews for the series as a book to screen adaptation review. IDK. Would you even want that? If you do, would you want me to give spoiler side by sides, or just reviews? Let me know.



Dragons, Griffins, Fairies, Oh My! Part 1

And we are back with your regularly scheduled filler posts~ Its a Wednesday. I am without content to give you (my book box for July has still not come in) and I have nothing else to say but to tell you about the beautiful creatures that are my favorite mythical creatures.

As the title suggests, I love mythical creatures, namely three: Dragons, Griffins, and High Fae. I decided to split this into three separate posts. Honorable mentions for favorites are Phoenix and Wraiths.

This will be about Griffins.

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Myths I Like pt 3

I suppose this means I’m back to filler episodes weekly. This week’s filler episode is the end of an arc. The arc on myths I like. Look up Myths pt 1 to see what this is about, but basically its my dos and don’ts of using myths and legends. also gush over historical dramas and stuff. I guess.

I know that this is making me sound like I don’t want to do it. I do! I just want to get to the third part more (on my favorite fantasy creatures). Without further ado, Dos and Dont’s.

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Weekly Blog #7

I had no idea what to title this blog, so I went with the most generic title I could think of. I’m not even sure this is my 7th Weekly blog. Anyone want to check to find out what number it actually is? As in the blogs where I just talk and not about a specific subject. It’s probably like 3 or 4. Then with all the other weekly ones I make? This number should be much higher.


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Myths I Like pt 1

Hello! Happy Wednesday everyone! We are beginning the second part of this blog series: Tropes, Myths, and Creatures. Part 2 is Myths and this will be broken down into 2 or three parts. The first is this general overview. The second will be about Arthurian legends specifically. And then if I get into a third part, it’ll be on what I don’t and do like in the use of myth and legends in stories. First, this week, overview!


Tropes I Like

Tropes I Like

I would like to start this by saying that you, as an audience, are terrible with filling out polls. Whatever, I decided to start with tropes. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

In general there are Tropes that I like as compared to tropes that I don’t care about or hate. I had to think of this for a while, and google some ideas of what tropes exist when I went into a blank. Because to be honest there are far more tropes that I don’t like than the ones that I do. I feel like I should make a post about tropes that I hate too. I guess I have a post for next week then.

So here is your comprehensive list!