Alright, So I totally forgot…

My laptop is going into the shop. I will probably get it back in like a week. Not sure. What I do know is that you are not getting YP chapter for like a while. When I get my laptop back we’ll pick up where we left off. It also means that you are not getting a book review or either of my tea posts. I will have them created so that I can put them into the site once I can format them properly (I just don’t want to bother on my ipad)

Either way. I know the last few months with me have been very sporadic. Trust me, I know. I’m trying to get back into the habit of using my blog again. I promise I am.

I just got Breach of Peace by Daniel Green. I swore it was supposed to come out on Monday so I’m floored. Means I get to read it now. I have a lot of reviews lined up at least once I start them.

I’m still searching for a good text to audio converter. I might just need to cave and upgrade the site so i can do the plug in. I would, but I don’t have the money and money is gonna be a BIG thing for me in the upcoming year. I wish I could share but I still need final confirmation.

Thanks for sticking with me Voidfriends and Voidfolk! I hope your day is like spun sugar: light, fluffy, and sweet.

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The Happenstance Hero

The Happenstance Hero

I’ve talked, in brief, before on the character type I call the Happenstance Hero. It was when I was talking about tropes I like. However to reiterate, in short what the Happenstance Hero is, is as follows.

In novels there are Chosen Ones. These are characters selected by fate or by the people to save the world, whether they want to or not. These are the Katniss’ (Hunger Games) and the Anakin Skywalkers (Star Wars). There tends to be a prophecy, a need, some sort of decision that is outside the control of the characters.

Then there is the Happenstance Hero, which is a type of chosen one. This is a person who falls into becoming the hero of the series, not because of fate or destiny or because they were chosen, but because they fall into the role. This is Katsa (Graceling) and Falcio (The Greatcoats). They happen to become the hero and it could have been anyone but there is no fate that decides it. There is no great prophecy for them either and they happened upon it.

In the end, a Happenstance Heroes can become Chosen Ones and vice versa is true.

The best examples of this are Frodo and Sam from Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter from Harry Potter. Frodo and Sam are, or rather Frodo is, Chosen and then Happen to become heroes. Harry happens to fit the bill and so he is chosen. Now for Harry this may seem like he was Chosen and then Happened to be, but he was Chosen by his enemy, and it could have been him or Neville. In the end he Happened to become the hero because he was born on a date with specific conditions for his parents, and then he was Chosen.

The largest distinction I can give you between Chosen Ones and Happenstance Heroes, is that one happens by fate and the other happens by chance (respectively).

When Katniss’ sister’s name was chosen, she was destined to become a symbol.

When Mare found out she had powers she was destined to become a symbol.

When Anakin found out he had powers he was destined to fall and then rise again.

Katsa happened to help someone.

Falcio happened to meet the right person who cared.

The two are intertwined often enough, and you may be asking yourself, why is this so important for you to have a whole post about it.

Because I think the distinction is important. Not all Chosen Ones are the same and not all heroes are the same, so when I use the phrase, I wanted it to be easier to find for you all. That’s basically it.

This is a fate vs choice argument. Or a Destiny vs Chance, one. I like both character types, and characters can be multiple types, and sometimes I think it’s important to remember that.

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Shelf-Life Hero (Part 2) [RW10]

Shelf-Life Hero (Part 2) [RW10]

It was raining. Again. Which was not to say that she hated rain, but that it was frustrating conditions to go through when she already had an arm injury that ached from the rain and made her curse the storms.

She’d been injured the first time, on the inside of her forearm, while maneuvering through a course in the rain. She’d been injured, once again on the same arm but the backside, in capture the flag, where she’d saved the flag from drowning in the river. She’d thought herself fine at the time, a few stitches, maybe some healing ointment, and it would be fine.

It was not fine.

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Shelf-Life Hero (Part 1) [RW09]

Shelf-Life Hero (Part 1) [RW09]

It’s hard to imagine a world without heroes.

Throughout all of human history heroes have existed. To vanquish gods and demons alike. To save the collapse of cities. To rise and to fall. They have existed. Forever. In every country. Across the world. Heroes.

And like all heroes there are villains. Villains of such power and magnitude that it took a dozen heroes to take the villain down. Villains whose name strike fear into the hearts of all those who exist today.

In modern society, we know these villains and heroes, throughout all of history, to be derived from twenty mystical powers bestowed to humanity. Of the twenty that were said to have existed, only eighteen remain intact.

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Update 01/22/2020

Sometimes, when I write these, I feel like I’m speaking into the void with no real expectation to hear back anything from anyone. And you all, in the void — should you actually exist, I’m not sure sometimes — simply nod your heads and sit there watching.

And I wonder, are they humans or are they bots?

Either way, lets get on in to what this update is about. WARNING THIS IS LONG.

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Lets Talk: Book Ratings

I’ve watched many a debate on Twitter, and many a video on YouTube about this very specific topic, and I think that, while I don’t have all the answers, I have an answer for myself. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I will try to be as brief about this as I can.

The Problem:

In fiction novel categories there is the following classification system: Children’s Novels, Middle Grade (MG), Young Adult (YA), and Adult. Young Adult is marketed to 12-18 but caters to 12-24. As the book readers aged range grew, they did not want to give up the traditional YA story types. These are stories that have magic, saving the world, and dystopians like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Divergent. While there is Adult fantasy, adult fantasy and adult sci-fi is just not the same as YA fantasy and sci-fi. Let’s not pretend like it is.

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Let’s Talk: His Dark Materials

Let’s talk about HBO’s new His Dark Materials adaptation. I wasn’t planning on watching this series, if we were being honest.

Well, no. I wanted to watch it, but I was afraid.

I love His Dark Materials as a series. I didn’t hate the movie when it came out, but it wasn’t right. So seeing this, seeing actors I love in it, I was tempted. But I also don’t want to be dragged into a series where I look at the page to screen and scream “WRONG.” I just don’t. Not for this series. Not again.

And then the reviews came out. Oh, the reviews came out. And people who have never read the books are apparently confused AF, and the book readers love it? A big criticism is that there aren’t enough dæmons? (Which I did hear was because of budget constraints and to try to keep people focused. I understand that.) There have been some reviews that say it still it isn’t good enough, but it is better and reviewers I trust are saying its good.

I’m shocked. Stunned. Amazed. Enthralled. Excited.

Thus, I will be rereading the books as soon as I finish A Dance with Dragons and I will be starting the TV show as soon as I can. I may be writing weekly reviews for the series as a book to screen adaptation review. IDK. Would you even want that? If you do, would you want me to give spoiler side by sides, or just reviews? Let me know.