2020 Wrap Up

I know, by this point you will have gotten 8 notifications for the 8 posts that I have already posted for the day. That means we are 1/3 of the way through the 24hours of posts that I will be giving you this year. However for now. I am going to wrap up this year, with the following:

I know that I really dropped the ball this last month (or three). I know it. I’m not exactly sorry, as I’m only really doing this for myself and not for anyone else. This year has been ROUGH. It started with me being in Italy when everything started to go down and having to get back home. We had the elections, the protests, and now I just finished submitting applications. I have not been in the best mood for the end of the year and I suppose that is just how it is.

However this year was fun for reading. I read so many great things. I started to keep track of my webnovel and manga habits which are… Kinda crazy not gonna lie. You’ll see later and it’s not exactly accurate either because I know that I missed some things.

I got more followers! Woo

I decided to reapply to grad school!

I submitted to a writing contest!

I read more books this year that i was able to take off my TBR

Somehow that TBR has not changed because I got more books in my hands. LOL

I started bullet journalling. Which is LOVELY.

It was a terrible year, but also a good year. Here is to hoping that 2021 is even better! It better be better. Please be better. I have a wedding and Disney to go to. PLZ world PLZ.

Anyway. I’mma probably be reading when you get all of this, which is ironic because like… Haven’t I already read enough? LOL

Until Next Hour,


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