Update 01/22/2020

Sometimes, when I write these, I feel like I’m speaking into the void with no real expectation to hear back anything from anyone. And you all, in the void — should you actually exist, I’m not sure sometimes — simply nod your heads and sit there watching.

And I wonder, are they humans or are they bots?

Either way, lets get on in to what this update is about. WARNING THIS IS LONG.

Youtube Update

I know, I know. FOR WEEKS now I said I would start the Youtube. For. Weeks. It’s just… I have nothing I want to say and so when it comes to filming, I have no motivation. I can’t do normal YT booktuber stuff (reviews, hauls, bookshelf tours) for many reasons. Much of the stuff I do here on my blog (hauls, reviews, etc.) and I don’t want to lose my blog. Then my shelves aren’t pretty for tours, so like…

What to do?

My brother had suggested I use my plethora of book knowledge in some form. And I had thought about doing a podcast instead, with my friend, on specific subjects that are long winded subjects. Then I was like… But I could write those topics out? (Like commentary on memory sequences, or deep dives into power systems.) Also, they already exist. I have a total of 20+ podcast ideas already written down, but I didn’t think anyone really cared. Also, like I said, I could just write it in blog form and have it here.

So then, I was like that’s a podcast anyway, I need YT ideas. And so I was like, short 5min videos on “why you should read a book.” I know so many manga titles, Webtoon titles, Web novel titles, Light novel titles, Self published titles, and lesser known books, that I could probably suggest a few reads that no one have heard of. All while also telling you why you should read the HYPE books too. And for a hot minute I was prepared to do it. Then I realize that they’d become repetitive after a while, or I feel that they would be.

And so I just didn’t film.

I’ve just been sorta avoiding it. For a while now. Because I just didn’t think anyone cared.

That’s where I’m at right now. In a place where I don’t think anyone really cares enough for me to start the Why You Should Read, or the Deep Dives/Podcast stuff. And IDK if I’m ever really gonna motivate myself to do the channel but I should (because I CARE, and if I CARE then that means there is at least one person who does care, and if at least one person cares then that probably means more people care).

So yeah.

Instagram Update

This is a bit more straight forward. I’m really good at artsy photos when I am not trying to post artsy photos. SO, I’m changing up my posting schedule and posting method.

May Map Madness will still happen. And my What Did You Read blackout photos will be moved to four times a year instead of monthly (where I’ll post all three for the last three months, in three days instead of posting them at the beginning of month each month). I think it’ll help me specify my instagram a bit more. Or at least I feel that it will.

Now I have to decide if I’m going to do a purge or not. Basically I’d delete all the artsy photos that I’ve taken or the ones of me, and repost them with the new schedule. But also, does it matter? They are already on the account hahaha, and most people don’t scroll back so far (so I could repost them who would know?).

Pros to purge: Would be able to do more of a clean reset, using the photos I had posted cuz I liked them, again without fear of double posting. Keeps my photo count down, (which I guess is a thing? IDK), lets me keep old form of my Bookstagram different than my planned new form.

Cons to purge: I have to repost the photos. It will mess with my balance that is already in place of threes. Because, I had planned that out at least from the beginning. Will anyone, other than me, care?

I only have 54 followers RN anyway. LOL does it really even matter?

Right now I’m all for purge, because the momentary irritation of deleting and remaking the posts for later, is off set by the hopeful brilliance of the future. IDK We’ll see.

Bullet Journal Update

Bullet journal? What? Since when? You bullet journal?

If any of these questions are ones you might have had the slightest thought about, the answer is Yes! Since last year. But it’s not in the way that most people bullet journal.

I’ve never been one of those people who journaled consistently. I loved making lists, but I couldn’t use planners. I have this very odd way of working and so my “bullet journal” is more of a list of objectives, taking the principals of bullet journaling but not all the artsy fun stuff.

I also have a Dream Journal & Nightly Review. This I started on the 1st of this year. I tend to only keep track of the dreams that are super detailed, for my digital dream journal. And I decided to start clearing my mind before bed and reviewing over anything that matters. So mostly this is a real journal. Once again not artsy at all.

I have a Random Thoughts notebook that I carry around in my purse for when I get inspiration or ideas that pop up. I also have my Quotes Book, where I keep all my favorite quotes. And I have a work notebook that I use for work, to keep track of stuff. WOW I have a lot of journals LOLOL. At this rate I’ll have nine all for very specific things. And will that be so bad? (NO, is the only right answer here)

Aka I have two journals now, that I use regularly. My Productivity Journal and the Dream Journal & Nightly Review. There are only two notebooks, with the DJ&NR in one notebook. But I am obsessed with threes, so I need a third (sixth) journal. I was thinking of doing an actual AESTHETIC journal for my writing. This wouldn’t be a writing journal, where I write, but a writing progress or something journal. I think it could be a lot of fun, only because then I could see all the spreads and ideas that I’ve come up with in a really nice way.

I’d still outline, rough out, and come up with details outside of it, but this would be for things that are solidified. I think it could be really cool. So I think I’m gonna do it.

Writing Update

Since, I know that I really don’t talk about this on the blog I’m not going to go very much in detail about it. Maybe one day I’ll get more into it, but for right now, I don’t think so.

Yasloughve Project
– Book 2 for posting should be done by the end of March (21 chapters until the end of the book, so about 10 weeks)
– I have started writing Book 3
– YES in case you didn’t know, I do try to write ahead. I had all of B1 done before I started posting B1 here. So I try to stay ahead as far as I was when I started B1, so that I have time to edit and adapt. That means I need to have B3 done before I finish B2. Best of luck to me.

Online RPs
– These have been on hold because all my writing partners are having their own life things. Hopefully they’ll pick up more soon.

– I never have talked about this before, but I figure I probably should. I’ll probably start talking about my writing on Thursdays for posts, or something. IDK. I just know I need to start talking about this, because it’s the other reason I started this blog to begin with.
– I’m currently editing Willingness of Pretense (WOP)
– Going to start querying Night of Fright (NOF) by the end of this month.

Reading Update

I’m actually in a reading slump RN and have been since I got back from my convention. I think that if I can kick start myself into reading, I might be able to mostly complete the month. I still have A LOT of books left on this list that I have just not gotten to.

And I know I want to read. It’s just the act of reading is daunting RN (also I’m training people at work and 100% that is when I get a lot of my reading done. So I’m like, what is time otherwise?)

You should be getting a drop in review numbers I think. (3 -> 2) as long as I am in this slump. (Which is not saying much, because as of RN I have NO reviews for next Monday. It will be a miracle if I can read even one book by Monday at this rate)

Blog Update

This would not be a true blog update if I didn’t make an update on my blog.

We’ve reached 150+ followers. That’s cool.

If I don’t end up doing the podcast, those podcast video ideas will become posts for this page.

The updates to the layout and stuff for the blog will be soon. (It’ll mostly be the header bar that changes and where things will be.) There will be a new schedule, and I should be getting out those Top Tens on Tuesdays. I at least hope to.

My official rules for the Marie Rating System will be up soon. By the end of the month, hold me to it.

Thats it, not much else.

TLDR; Youtube is postponed because I can’t make up my mind. I’m sorry! My bookstagram may have a purge! I can’t decide. I’m going to start a Writing Bullet Journal (And I have two other journals already). YP B2 will probs be done by late March, and I’m going to start talking about my novels more here. I’m in a slump for reading, whoops. New changes coming to the blog for basic layout.

I realize that by writing this, I come across as indecisive. Good! I am. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. HAHA. I think this is the first time I’ve had such a long update on my blog before. Wow.

Book boxes coming to you next week along with Tea post.

As I speak to the void, I hope you are all having a lovely week!

Until Next Time,


Intro and YT
Bullet Journal and Writing
Reading, Bog, End

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