Myths I Like pt 2

Happy Wednesday everyone! As we have seemed to run out of other content that I could possibly give you, we are back to these “filler” posts about random things that I’m not sure you care about. Either way we continue on, as this title suggests. For the first part go here.

Today we talk about Arthurian legends and stories based on the legends.

Why do I like them?

This is not a simple answer as it was for me about Alice stories. (If you can call that simple). I think a lot of what I love about this “overdone” story, and “over told” legends is the essence from which it comes from. This makes it very much like Alice in that way. Where as Alice is whimsy and mayhem. I love Arthur for valor, honor, and loyalty. Essentially I love Arthur for what it means to be a knight, a true knight.

With that in mind, I have not read very many books about the legends, having instead, seen more movies about the topic. This could be because I adore the legends and its at that stage of me not wanting to read more out of fear of spoiling the legends. (Not that the legends are all that true, after all much of it is story told, retold, shifted, and fixed to what the authors of the time liked). I do believe that I am slowly making my way into wanting to read books based in this lore, as it had taken me time to make my way to Alice.

As for what I like specifically with knights, I’m not sure. I like the idea of knights over the truth of what most knights were. Idolized variants of history tend to be the beautiful ones.

As for when this love began: Quest for Camelot. It’s a movie and honestly its not the most amazing thing in the world but as a kid it captured my heart. (Could have been the music. This is a very strong possibility.) Later, after loving this movie too much, I started reading a few things, ended up in the original lore, and haven’t read much outside of it since.

Now, I know that the story is considered overdone, overused, over told. I want to read books based on the lore, in the lore, around the lore, more than ever now. If anyone has any recommendations please shoot them by way.

For now, I will call that an end.


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