Magic Lessons: Unicorn Crate

I remember telling you all that I got the notification for this book box back for my birthday (May 3rd) — or rather that I should hopefully get it around then. Guess what! I did not! I did not get it until about two days ago, which is frustrating and expected all at the same time. I knew that the email was too good to be true, and that most boxes ship out at the end of the month. Still, I had hoped.

Either way it is in now!

May 2019 Unicorn Crate: Magic Lessons.

What the Box contains:

  • The Bone Charmer by Breeana Shields (bookplate and author note)
  • Sorcery for Beginners by Matt Harry (Book plate and bookmark)
  • ‘Wizard in Training’ enamel pin by Catarina Designs x Unicorn Crate.
  • “Patronus Lessons” wall scroll with art by @cleowardsy_art
  • Elfstones of Shannara pouch by Unicorn Crate
  • ‘Dumbledore’s Office’ 2oz Candle by Bookish Apothecary
  • Camp Half-blood coaster set (contains two) by Unicorn Crate
  • ‘Spring Unicorn’ foldable, reusable grocery tote by Unicorn Crate
  • Heir of Fire quote print by Asma (of

Things I’ll use: The wall scroll is getting hung up, no questions asked. The elfstones are pretty, they may find a use. I probably will not use the candle or the coasters. The enamel pin will go with my collection, and the grocery tote? My cousin is obsessed with unicorns right now, I might give it to her.

Books: I have not heard of either of these books, so my expectations and knowledge of them are at an equal playing field of zero. When I do read them (probably next month unless in some whim of fate I finish them this month), you can expect reviews for both. Based on what I have read from the inner sleeve, The Bone Charmer will probably entertain me more. I love both of the covers, and the design of the book for Sorcery for Beginners is to die for. (it’s a paperback, with the flaps of a dust jacket. I don’t know why I love them, I just do.)

In general I had bought this crate for that wall scroll — I had thought it would be a print not a wall scroll, so I am so much happier that it is a wall scroll. I liked the idea of getting two books in this box, and the enamel pin and stones were nice additions. The coasters I figure can’t actually be used because they are collector (and I’ve never read the series, so I have no sentimental value to them). if anything the fact that I got two books and a wall scroll make this box completely worthwhile for me.

I have bought a second book box from Unicorn Crate. When that one comes in for June, I feel I will have a better understanding of the books they offer and if I want to continue going back.

In other news I have bought two book boxes from Owl Crate, I simply never posted what I got in them because they were old boxes. I do plan to make some sort of comparison post in the future for the three and my personal opinions. I’ll feel that I need more examples of my choices for them, by the time I do make a decision to make that review.

Otherwise, that’s it for today.


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