FairyLoot Box: Love at First Bite

We begin November with the box from October. I think I’m just going to have to accept that I will get my boxes the first week of the next month instead at the end of the previous month. It’s actually kind of sad, because I used to get my Tea box, FairyLoot Box, and Unicorn Crate all around the same time. Now I do not. ANYWAY.

Limited edition box for QoN should come in soon. The book drops on the 19th. I will be getting a Unicorn Crate for Nov too. I got the shipping notification for the Girls of Storm and Shadow. I also need to order the books for the December of Dragons. I’m super excited for December’s Fairyloot box that will have two books! This is going to be an epic next few months. Enough about that? No?

FairyLoot Box: Love At First Bite (October 2019)

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November TBR

Alright, so this list is a bit more manageable than last month. Sort of. Kinda. I fell into a book rut, from how much work I had to do IRL. It did not leave much room for me to read, if we are being serious. As such, I will be sending those books that I didn’t finish, to January. I will also be completing all the series on my TBR shelf for next year. So instead of buying books that are higher on my want to read list, all the books that I have book 1 or book 2 or more, to on my shelf will be the series I aim to complete. I will write more about this when we get closer.