Stain Review

Stain Review

Okay. So hello. Wow. This has been a while. I know. I know. What is even happening. Book reviews? Turns out I had a lot just in my write up folders. That means I have stuff to give you. I figured, I might as well start now. Please forgive me as I get back into the swing of these. It is going to take me a minute to do so, as I have to get used to writing a lot again for these. I didn’t complete this one, before. So I will have to do that now.

The synopsis for this might be the longest synopsis I have written. I won’t lie. It is intimidating compared to what I say for likes and thoughts on it all. Basically. I wrote a long synopsis to give myself a clear picture of what to write later, and I’m too lazy to do that now. Just know I LOVED this book. I loved it. God I love this book. Yeah. That’s the whole review.

I loved this.

But if you want more, I guess you can keep going.


Let’s go!

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Top Ten Reads of 2020

Top Ten Reads of 2020

I wanted to do this list for a long time and honestly this was a fight to the death for me to decide which book got number one. I will explain the best I can for each book. Let’s go!

Also, I decided that this will go ahead and include some other media that I consumed because as much as I loved the books I read this year, some other series I read just… Blew other books out of the water. That’s why its top 10 reads!

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Top Five Quotes of 2020

Top Five Quotes of 2020

Alright! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! My top 5 quotes from 2020! I was ruthless. I was horrible. I decided that with nothing else to lose, I had nothing more to give, but my honest feelings. I feel bad, but also not, because its no coincidence that the top 5 quotes spots were dominated by the same two stories. I fell for two stories so irrevocably that like, nothing can be or will be the same (along with a few others). As such! Here you are.

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2020 Reading Challenges Final Totals: Finishing the Series

2020 Reading Challenges Final Totals: Finishing the Series

Series Finished:

– Lorien Legacies (3 books) – Started in 2012 ?

– Secret Histories (4 books) – Part of the Lorien Legacies, so 2012

– The Negotiator (2 books) – Started in 2011 ?

– The Missing (5 books) – Started in 2010

Books read:9

Series Complete: 3 (i’m counting the Lorien Legacies and Secret Histories as one series here)

LOL I don’t know what else to say for this. Yay? I read more past series to completion this year? Not sure. Is that the correct response? Maybe lol. Who really knows. Not me. I can tell you that much.