The Chronicles of Narnia Reading Times

The following is a list of my total reading times for the Chronicles of Narnia Reread. Essentially this is the same deal as the Redwall reread times. I’ve recorded my times and how long it took me to get through the whole series. (Spoiler, its much faster than Redwall)

Once more we are stuck on the decision of picking between chronological of written and chronological of story. Considering that I have the books listed 1-7 in story order I decided to go this route instead of the published route. I figure it’s fine.

Thoughts Before:

I feel like I’m supposed to write a whole grand essay on these books, when the fact is I don’t remember them. I remember the movies. I remember not liking them. I read them when I still didn’t like fantasy (it was Redwall that got me into fantasy, remember). So I don’t have particular memories of nostalgia to them. I do know, however, that I read them. Let us see how this goes!

Thoughts After:

I remembered a few of these — as noted by how much faster my reading times were for some of them than others — but I def did not remember that everyone died but Susan. What a complex sets of narratives and allegories, that I did not catch when I read them as a child. I have a new found understanding for them, but they will never really be my favorite children’s books.

In all, it was a fun reread. Maybe again one day.


The Magician’s Nephew (Reading Day 1) 40min

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Reading Day 1) 30min

The Horse and His Boy (Reading Day 1) 40min

14 day break

Prince Caspian (Reading Day 2) 45 min

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Reading Day 3) 36min

The Silver Chair (Reading Day 3) 30min

The Last Battle (Reading Day 3) 32min

TOTAL TIME TAKEN: 17days hrs min


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