Weekly Blog #7

I had no idea what to title this blog, so I went with the most generic title I could think of. I’m not even sure this is my 7th Weekly blog. Anyone want to check to find out what number it actually is? As in the blogs where I just talk and not about a specific subject. It’s probably like 3 or 4. Then with all the other weekly ones I make? This number should be much higher.


I’m out of town at a convention in Ohio this weekend/week. This means that any post I make from now (this one included) until I return will be automated. If you leave a comment, don’t expect it to show up for a while. That also means my posts for May Wrap Up will come, but that they may be updated depending on if I read more.

Some updates in general:

  • I have a goodreads now. WOW (watch as I effectively forget it exists and never finish adding all the books I’ve read/own)
  • grad school is a no go, so new plan is in the works (I’ve known this for a while, just didn’t want to say anything.)
  • I’m still working on what exactly I want as a Instagram aesthetic. I truly never thought it would be this hard to decide.
  • I’ve got a bookbox subscription (so this means monthly teas and monthly books). I’ve never mentioned my monthly tea subscription. Should I make posts on that? Would you want that information? (Will this be another one of those things I decide on my own, and do anyway?)

Am I missing anything? I am not sure. I don’t think so? Who knows? Who cares?

Happy Wednesday!


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