The Romeo and Juliet Murders {RW}

The Romeo and Juliet Murders {RW}

Murder-Suicide. That was the official rumor as to how the Darlings of the city had died. A lavish love affair turned sordid, only no one knew who killed the other. It was one thing for the daughter of a CEO to die suddenly. It was another to be found a few days later dead by bleeding out. They had found her twice-dead, with the young upstart in the world of business and son of their rival company. Traces of poison were on her lips as well in the system of her lover. It was his knife in her heart, but he died from poison. This time, she was dead for sure.

Yet, no one knew who died when. Or why her cousin was dead as well. Or why… well, a lot of people died when connected to the two families. They weren’t exactly on the same side. They held the city in the palm of their hand like the territory they lived on were castles, and all the land they could see was their kingdom. Lots of people had died with connections to the two families in recent months. Some even said that the two had planned to fake their deaths and were killed by a third, making it a double homicide. All Jules knew was that it could not be this easy.

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End of Month Reading Update

Hello all! I think today is as good a day as any to post thrice. I want to talk about a few things.

First off, Book boxes.

I should get my Fairy Loot box today. Probably. Two, I will be getting the Queen of Nothing book box from Fairy Loot — mostly because I really like the idea of it.

Two, Newts

As of today I have six books left. This is actually a lot but the goal is to get one of them done today. I am freaking out that I will not finish in time. It’s a massive freak out really. Because I had eight left last week, but then three more as extras, for a grand total of 11. Four of these books are from Wicked‘s series. AKA long. Wish me luck. I have four days to pull this off.

Three, Tea Post

Sorry about not posting the second tea post for January yesterday. I simply… forgot to finish taking pictures of all the teas. It’ll be here today!

Until Next Time,


Amazing News!

Hooray! Everyone! Celebration time! We have reached 100 Followers before the sites birthday! This is amazing! I have no idea what to do in celebration about this…

Maybe, an additional post tomorrow about something? IDK. This is so amazing! Thank you all for following my little book review blog where I rant about nothing and everything all at once. You’ve stuck with me, and I can’t thank you enough!

Lets aim for 200!



Hello Everyone!


I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday morning! I know I am, and today I bring you some interesting news.

I recently got a message from a follower named Patri, who has asked for accessibility features to be added to the site, namely audio tracks in the form of an audio podcast, for my posts. I will be using one of her recommendations, for easy access to all my posts. It’ll be added soon. Thank you so much for the recommendation and the links! It saved me time with the research.


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Something of a Dream {RW}

Something of a Dream {RW}

She awoke as she always did, naked and next to the body of some man who had been far more attractive when she was drunk than when she was sober. The room smelt thick of cigarettes and the memory of smoke that was etched into the walls and carpets from years of filling the room with smoke so thick one could not see. Plucking the glasses — sharp, cat eyed, and thick rimmed — from the bed side table, she slid her feet from the warmth of the body next to her and to the floor where her slippers lay waiting. 

From the covers she flew, discarding them in her wake, uncaring for the body of the man who had no more business remaining in her house. She took three steps before she was searching for her robe. Turning back to her bed, her side was neatly tucked into the bed and a silken robe lay atop it. Snatching it, she haphazardly threw it around her body and rounded the room divider of her studio loft. Her kitchenette was chilled and unused that morning, other than the steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for her in one of her favorite mugs. 

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My Goodreads

Okay, so I did make a goodreads back in May. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it to keep track of books, because it simply just wasn’t something I used.

Instead of trying to go through all the books I own and try to figure out when I read them and possibly try to do it that way. I’m going to start with my earliest records of keeping track of the books I read (Aka last January, 2018) and just add in all those books and their read month/year. Anything before that, unless it’s very specific (and I’ve added already), I’m not going to bother.

Yeah, so… if in the future, anyone asks. That’s why.

This blog post is mostly about that. Also about how at some point I’ll learn to keep a consistent Instagram and take photos of all my tea boxes for the tea posts. Sometime. Not today though, (And that’s why I can’t seem to ever do it lol)

Until next time,


Just a Random post

Yo, guys. I had a fully hanging sentence in my FairyLoot box post. How could you not comment and say that the sentence (the third one in the whole post) made no sense because it was a massive fragment? At least when I tend to write fragments they make more sense than that one did.


As a reminder, FairyLoot box posts are going to be a normality until at least December, since I have the subscription now. I think I forgot to mention this in my post, so… yes. I made a whole post for this day, Friday, about it.

Otherwise, until next time.


Myths I Like pt 3

I suppose this means I’m back to filler episodes weekly. This week’s filler episode is the end of an arc. The arc on myths I like. Look up Myths pt 1 to see what this is about, but basically its my dos and don’ts of using myths and legends. also gush over historical dramas and stuff. I guess.

I know that this is making me sound like I don’t want to do it. I do! I just want to get to the third part more (on my favorite fantasy creatures). Without further ado, Dos and Dont’s.

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