Hello Everyone!


I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday morning! I know I am, and today I bring you some interesting news.

I recently got a message from a follower named Patri, who has asked for accessibility features to be added to the site, namely audio tracks in the form of an audio podcast, for my posts. I will be using one of her recommendations, for easy access to all my posts. It’ll be added soon. Thank you so much for the recommendation and the links! It saved me time with the research.


I am nothing if not extra. I know not everyone will enjoy my voice in particular, which is why I will keep the automated variant of this as well. I also don’t want to do voice over for my webnovel posts, not yet at least. I’d want those to be much higher quality. For now it’ll be my blog posts, and then my book reviews. There is something about automated voices that are hilarious to listen to, but sometimes they don’t always convey a tonal inflection.

No worries if you don’t like my physical voice. I won’t be offended. You can like my written voice just fine without liking how I actually sound. I just figure if I’m adding a voice to my website, might as well also give you my real one.

On this note, I am also considering recording stuff in the future for a sort of book-tube extra aspect, but I don’t really have the space to film near my bookshelves RN (nor are they super pretty). That, and idk what I would post videos of (outside of unboxing videos). Plus posting schedule, I’m already horrible as it is when it comes to my bookstagram. It’s something I’m considering, and thought I’d keep you updated.

With that, I bid you a good day. Once more, a shout out and thanks to Patri for this suggestion! (Also, sorry if I mispronounced your name. Leave a comment and let me know)

Until next time,


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