Myths I Like pt 1

Hello! Happy Wednesday everyone! We are beginning the second part of this blog series: Tropes, Myths, and Creatures. Part 2 is Myths and this will be broken down into 2 or three parts. The first is this general overview. The second will be about Arthurian legends specifically. And then if I get into a third part, it’ll be on what I don’t and do like in the use of myth and legends in stories. First, this week, overview!

In general the following legends and mythologies are the ones that I like reading or like reading more about. This list is not complete but at the time of me writing this, these are the only ones I can think of.

Arthurian Legends; Since I will have an entire blog post dedicated to this and why I won’t say much. Yes, it’s over done. Do I care? No.

Norse Mythology; I haven’t actually read many books touching on Norse Mythology, but the one that I did read (in high school) that I remember, really took me and held me tight. I would love to read more novels with Norse Mythology as their backbone.

Japanese Folklore; A lot of this stems from my love of anime and manga. When I was a kid anime and manga really shaped me, and so I think that it might be why I never particularly grow bored of their folklore.

Chinese Folklore; With thousands and thousands of years of culture and history, you know they have a lot to offer.

Fae Myths and Legends; I love Fae in general as magical creature (which I will get to) and their myths and legends are abundant. Have them in a story and I’m more likely to read.

I know that this isn’t a very long post (after what we got with my tropes I like and hate posts). Currently I’m working on my OWL readings, and so I just haven’t had the time to spare.

Otherwise, see you next week for reviews, and another blog post. Have a great weekend everyone!


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