End of Month Reading Update

Hello all! I think today is as good a day as any to post thrice. I want to talk about a few things.

First off, Book boxes.

I should get my Fairy Loot box today. Probably. Two, I will be getting the Queen of Nothing book box from Fairy Loot — mostly because I really like the idea of it.

Two, Newts

As of today I have six books left. This is actually a lot but the goal is to get one of them done today. I am freaking out that I will not finish in time. It’s a massive freak out really. Because I had eight left last week, but then three more as extras, for a grand total of 11. Four of these books are from Wicked‘s series. AKA long. Wish me luck. I have four days to pull this off.

Three, Tea Post

Sorry about not posting the second tea post for January yesterday. I simply… forgot to finish taking pictures of all the teas. It’ll be here today!

Until Next Time,


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