Heart of a Dragon: Unicorn Crate

I saw that Unicorn Crate was doing this theme and against my better judgement (does it exist? I’m not entirely sure sometimes), I bought it. I bought it and thought that it couldn’t be bad if it was theme about dragons. I was right. It is amazing. I love everything in this box and I hope that others had a similar experience with their boxes. This box is everything.

August 2019 Unicorn Crate: Heart of a Dragon

What the Box contains:

  • Bright Star by Erin Swan
  • Dragon soap by Bud & Bee, from budandbee.com
  • Book Dragon Wax Seal set by Unicorn Crate
  • Dragon scales necklace by Enchanted Bottle Craft from enchantedbottlecraft.etsy.com
  • Unicorn enamel pin by Unicorn Crate
  • Zipper pouch featuring art by A Woodland Fairy Tale, from AWoodlandFairyTale.etsy.com
  • A pocket notebook with woodland dragon watercolor artwork by Sandara, deviantart.com/sandara
  • Art Print inspired by The Last Namsara by ThimsyWhimsy, thimsy.etsy.com

Things I’ll use: Everything? Everything. Everything that this box has to offer I will find some way to use it. Zipper pouch? New makeup bag, or pen case. The soap? I’ll use it. Pin goes on my pin flag. Necklace goes with my other bottle necklaces. Wax seal with my other wax seals. Notebook? Who can ever have enough of those. Artwork (Which I’m so happy I knew that was the Last Namsara when I looked at it) going with the others. Dragon book? Moved to December! This box was amazing. Perhaps I’m biased since I love dragons. Probably not, since I really can use it all.

Things I probably won’t use: If anything, the soap. This is only because it is such a strong smell and it would drive my family nuts (since they are sensitive to scents). I love it tho… So I’ll probably figure out a way to use it.

Book: This book will not be read until the December of Dragons aka December. I will hold on to it until then with a glimmer in my eye and a spark in my heart. I love dragons. You know that. Either way, this book was not one I had heard of (but when are Unicorn Crate books ones I’ve heard of?). Unicorn Crate has been 3/3 for books I’ve read this year that they selected. I have a good feeling about this one.

I’m still waiting on my Fairy Loot box. I’m super paranoid these days thanks to the mix up last month. It should be in today, but I have no idea if I will be making a post for it today even if it comes in today.

Until Next Time,


3 thoughts on “Heart of a Dragon: Unicorn Crate

  1. From Bud&Bee Soap Company: Thanks for the compliments on the soap. We kinda went overboard decorating it, because … well, we *could*.
    Yes, you will want to try the soap! It’s our own formula, and it’s really nice. We demonstrate it at shows using the “15 second soap challenge”:
    Watch for a group walking around together; ask “Which of you is the most skeptical?” Invariably they all turn to look at one of the group. This person is often surprised at this designation but seldom dispute it.
    Explain: “Here’s how the 15 second challenge works: We wet both your hands with warm water, and apply the soap of your choice (liquid foamer-bottle or bar). You start to wash. Within five seconds or so you will turn to the rest of your group, and say something like “Wow! This is unexpectedly creamy and smooth!”
    Yes, I just warned you, but you will still be surprised, and you’ll still do it.
    You continue to wash your hands because it’s a 15 second challenge, not a 5 second challenge. I’ll give you more information along the way. When we rinse and dry your hands I stand back while you all rush in to decide which soap to buy.”
    The person will accept the challenge 90% of the time, and if they don’t, someone else in the group volunteers.
    Around 5 seconds or so they laugh, look to their group, and say “No kidding! This stuff really *does* feel good!” or something like that. (Better than 98% of the time.)
    As they continue to wash I say “Notice it seems to continually be getting creamier and smoother? It will keep doing that. That’s not the soap changing, it’s your skin. It’s getting softer. At some point it will feel like you are washing with whipped cream. That’s when we stop, usually about … now.” (15 seconds or so in).
    Rinse their hands. Give them a paper towel.
    “Remember when your hands started to feel all soft and creamy?”
    “They still feel like that after drying your hands, don’t they?”
    “They … they do!”
    “They will feel like that all day.”
    Usually they turn to their friends: “FEEL my hands!” (Holds out hands to their group.)
    “And, if you bathe with this soap, you feel like that *all over*, all day.
    And that’s when I step out of the way and they all go buy some soap.
    Enjoy it!

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    1. Haha, I love watching them too. It’s what got me into buying the boxes. I’ve had a lot of good experiences with Unicorn Create and this box was another one where I was really pleased. I also love dragons so I might be biased >~<

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