Current State

I have determined that I have readers block. It’s like an artist block or writers block, but in regards to reading. I just don’t want to read, or at least its not calling me to the pages like books usually do. I think its the expectation to read things that I just don’t want to read? Or I do want to read, but just… not right now.

And the worst part is I don’t know what I want to read.

Some part of me thinks its from reading all these books without reading their sequels in this short amount of time. I have all these unfinished stories that can not be packed away and so they are weighing me down as I wonder. What happens next? How does this end? When will I find out?

This is why I can’t start TV and then not finish it, or start a book and not finish it. Though, it’s not like I’ll be getting these novels to completion anytime soon… So I suppose I have to live with it for now.

I might need to do a reset and reread a series I like, or read a series that I know I will love by one one of my favorite authors. (Or rather that is what I’m trying right now.)

I don’t know.

Until then, expect one Book Review a week as I figure this thing out. I’ll probably blog more on random things, with all this down time. Who knows?

In regards to grad schools, still waiting to hear back from them all.


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