NEWTs Reviews Update

Since I am only rereading or reading novels I don’t want to do reviews for, this month (September) will be the month where I put out all the reviews that I did not put out in August. This means all those books I finished in August? Their reviews are coming this month.

No worries, you will see them.

They will be The Wicked Years reviews, The Spellslinger reviews, and a few others that I’ve held on to from July as well. October we will be back to reading all these lovely books I’ve gotten in recent months from book boxes and the likes. Other new changes incoming? I’m not sure but that’s all for now.

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These Rebel Waves Review

These Rebel Waves Review

This was my last book for July. It was amazing and I wish I could give it a five, but I just didn’t like one of the main characters enough.

In other news, I’ve had this review sitting in my to post for weeks now. I’ve been saving it for the day when I ran out of new book reviews to post (since it was coming so late since publication anyway). It is finally time to post!

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