October Teas

Yeah… I know this is coming to you REALLY late this month. Don’t hate me. I’m sorry, I had no motivation to write up these for a week or more. Its a think that happens when I have all the time in the world at work. I really am just dad, because usually I have more work to do this month and I just don’t and it really hit me, that I just haven’t made as much as I usually do. Sucks to work an event job, I guess. Anyway, Voidfriends! Here we go! Tea.

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Color Coded Reading Challenge Reads

Color Coded Reading Challenge Reads

So, I know I was going to put this out at the beginning of the year. And it is… October, now. LOL better late than never. This is the Color Coded Reading Challenge, that I mentioned: here. You can find the challenge here. I still have yet to read Incendiary, but I will get to it as soon as I can.

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October TBR

WELCOME to my favorite month of the year. I plan on doing a few challenges for the month, so if you want to follow me. I will be doing 31 fall outfits, and 31 books read on my Instagram. Do I anticipate being able to read all of these? Nope! But it is a goal!

I hope that your October plans are going to be fun!