AND ITS HERE. AND ITS ALL BLACK AND PINK. Look. My favorite color may be Periwinkle, but do you have any idea how hard that is to come by? And here we are with the world’s most beautiful things. I am in loveeee. Oh my gosh. So I know how I was talking how I was not HYPE for Blood & Honey, earlier.

I am so hype for this.

I was so ready.

And it was everything I hoped for.

As a reminder, everything in this box was inspired by The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab.

What the Box contains:

  • Wooden Page Holder designed by Juniper and Ivy Designs
  • The Darkness Candle created by Alchemy and Ink
  • Enamel Pin designed by Forensics and Flowers
  • Travel Mug designed by @paperbackbones
  • Perpetual Wooden Calendar designed by Daffodils and Ink
  • Memory Journal with inner pages designed by Michelle Gray and the cover designed by Unluck Designs
  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Swab. With Ribbon bookmark, exclusive back cover, and exclusive end papers.

Page Holder – “il était une fois. once upon a time.”
Pins – “A story is an idea, wild as a weed.”
Journal – “What a luxury, to tell one’s story. To be read, remembered.”
Book – “Never pray to the gods that answer after dark.”
Travel Mug – “Books, she has found, are a way to live a thousand lives — or to find strength in a very long one.”

Things I’ll use: So. Everything. That’s the short answer. Look that wooden calendar? I never knew I needed it until I had it and now I can never look back. Never. It is so perfect. So pretty. So everything I could have ever wanted. And then The Travel mug. It has a tea strainer included. Please. Why did they have to spoil me like this? I can take my best tea to work with me now. UGH HOW CAN THEY SPOIL ME LIKE THIS? The Pin is beautiful. The wooden page holder will come in handy for long reading days at work. The Memory Journal seems like such a great idea. The candle smells so good.

Okay actually, I might not use the candle. I have too many candles for a person who can’t use candles. HOWEVER. I would if i could. But I can’t so I will keep it with my ever growing hoard.

Book: And then here we are. With my most anticipated read of 2020. I realized pretty late this year that I didn’t have a BOOK. Like THE BOOK I needed to read. I didn’t have one. The books I read and loved fell into my lap, but I didn’t anticipate them, salivate over them, hype and hype and hype over them. Then there was this book and lets just say, I did. And now, here it is in my hands and I don’t know how to feel.

Remember that reading list I had planned for October? Yeah so. I might just read this book tomorrow on Halloween. Because I can. And who can stop me? You? Of course not Voidfriends. No one can stop me. And that’s what makes this so powerful.

So I leave you with this. I LOVE this box. It is so perfect for me. The quotes are amazing. I needed this book box to carry me through to next month. I really did. And so now, today. I bid you a farewell. I have nothing else to give you today.

Until Next Time,


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