Legends and Lore: Owl Crate

Alright! Second box for today for you all! This is my owl crate that I just got last week, actually. So this one is not coming so late like the others. I went to a wedding last week, so I can forgive myself a little bit more. I hope your October went well everyone! Mine did for the most part. I didn’t get all of the things done that I wanted to get done but that happens and it’s okay!

October 2020 Owl Crate: Legends and Lore

What the Box contains:

  • Bowl Cozy designed by Janine Lecour inspired by Spin the Dawn
  • Soap Bar by Motherland Essentials inspired by A Song of Wraiths and Ruin
  • Bamboo Phone Stand designed by Lady Chubb Letters inspired by The Star-Touched Queen
  • Wind Chimes inspired by Woven in Moonlight
  • Audiobook of Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko
  • Glass nail file inspired by Girls of Paper and Fire
  • Legendborn by Tracy Deonn
  • Pin inspired by Legendborn

Things I’ll use: Pretty much all of this. I’ve already set up the phone stand. The soap is in my shower. The chimes go with my chime collection (Which I have always had lol). Glass nail file I’ve used. The audiobook I’m not sure about because I can’t do audiobooks most of the time, but this is a book I have wanted to read. HMMM.

Book: Legendborn, I’ve seen a lot of posts for it, but I know little about it, which is cool. I also won’t get to this book for a long while. One day that is not today, haha.

I have decided that I really should do a stars photoshoot with all the things I got for stars. Not gonna lie, that would be really bad nice. Otherwise this box was also really useful for me (bow cozy, nail file, etc). So Thanks!

Until Next Time,


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