YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 26 (Chapter 72)

217 Days Until Chains And the Uncertain End

Zeydar ran his fingers across the pages of the new texts allotted to him, as he sat in his room digesting them and thinking about his own powers. These were the records of him, written by Tyler, when Zeydar had been a child. These records depicted his powers, his words, his experiences as told from a third person perspective. Tyler clearly loved him and was not afraid, but the analysis provided by later Stars, who saw Tyler’s reports, were filled with fear. 

Communication with magic. Touching on all aspects of magic. No specialty. Able to use magic without a Staff. Able to use magic far before being formally trained to. Speaking as he could feel magic everywhere and no one seemed to listen to it correctly. Playing with it as if were alive and not a tool. 

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 25 (Chapter 71)

218 Days Until Wisdom And the Uncertain End

Evester glanced at Zeydar one more time before he slid from the room ready to go and figure out something to eat, or to get someone to buy food. In their talks, Evester had not brought up having Zeydar train Kony, not once. He knew that there was dismay regarding it, but even Evester knew that with the time they had, whatever training they could get would not be enough. They needed Zeydar to go with them. That was where most of the work would be done. For a moment Evester listed off the names of those who he would be willing to take with him as they went to complete this mission, outside of Heia and Zeydar, then he remembered it was not his priority. Zeydar’s mental state was his priority.

Zeydar who seemed focused on ensuring that he did not leave the comfort of the city and was more often high than sober. Evester had been around enough people in his life, enough drugged people in his life, to be able to tell when someone was high. Zeydar always was, as if he lived in it. They were going to have to get him to detox, if they wanted him to go with them outside of the Tower. Sweet Dreams was not something readily available out there.

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