YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 21 (CHAPTER 281)

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58 Days Until Retreat And the Uncertain End (pt 3)

Heia sat with Alan Penn, Kim, and many people on computer screens including Uly, Maverin, Europa, and Estashia. Uly looked a bit worse for wear. His stern face had lost weight, and overall he looked as if he were not sleeping at all. He looked the way that she felt, after having gotten little to no sleep from the battle the night before.

“As it is right now.” Maverin looked over his notes. “We probably have no more than twenty days to whip the whole world into action.”

“Will we be able to implement the changes in that time?” One of the world leaders asked Alan.

“The whole of all the armies have been taught and trained in the techniques that Evester gave us.” Alan Penn admitted. “Implementing the changes and formations that Heia and her teams created will take time.”

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 20 (CHAPTER 280)

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58 Days Until Retreat And the Uncertain End (pt 2)

Zeydar had just enough energy to say good night, as he walked past the bustling dining room. He wanted nothing more than to get into his bed and call it a night. He’d missed two days of work, and the Superiors were undoubtedly looking for him. He knew that he had to tell Maverin his discoveries, but his mind was spinning too much for him to focus.

“How is your cold?” Europa asked him before he could get too far.

Cold? He turned back to her, eyeing her confused. His body ached. His head was pounding. He probably did look like he had a cold, but he knew that the house had full knowledge of his schemes. “Terrible.”

The cold must be what the told the Stars that came looking, which meant that he could not simply fall asleep. He was going to have to talk, and hated the fact of it more with each passing moment. Walking on to his room, Zeydar did not hesitate to get clean. Upon changing, he made his way to Estashisa’s study to report, finding Kony and May sitting along with Marjorie.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 19 (CHAPTER 279)

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58 Days Until Retreat And the Uncertain End (1) 

“Move on ahead.” Heia ordered, rushing forward, reading her attack agains the next wave that was before her. There were only a few left in their area.

“Retreat.” Another order came at the same time that she spoke.

“Why?” Heia asked as she sliced an Aralax down.

“Not us.” Lynx answered. 

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 18 (CHAPTER 278)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (6) 

It wasn’t that Zeydar couldn’t use his magic without a physical manifestation of the element. It was that with the physical manifestation, his magic was stronger. It was for that reason he kept the fire from the water and the fire from the plants. He kept the earth from being submerged and continued to throw around his wind like it was nothing. The more he had to work with, separated, the better his skills were and the easier it was to manipulate.

Attack after attack, Zeydar felt as if his mind and body were expanding. Explosion after explosion, he lost himself in the rhythm of it. Kony, May, and Shawn were additional actors, additional musicians that aided him in the silence as he learned more about his magic than he had ever known. Class One Mages were significantly different than Class Two. Kony and May were the perfect example of the distinction. Where May would get tired and worn out, Kony was able to almost keep up with Zeydar the whole night. Although Kony knew less, his output and stamina were greater than her’s naturally. He had to pace himself differently, and he rarely used magic as it was, as he did not have the control, but Kony was better suited to running along side Zeydar than May was. Perhaps it was from his experiences on the run, however his magic was fundamentally larger with a greater pool. Kony was able to heal Zeydar each time that Zeydar’s magic snapped back at him from over use.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 17 (CHAPTER 277)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (5) 

Evester turned his blade in his hand, switching his grip, and stabbed up into the base of the neck of the Aralax that was headed for him. He then stepped to the side and ducked as Karla cut off the head of another. He, Crass, and Karla spiraled around each other, in the thick of the bodies. Gun fire rained down from above as snipers took out the clear targets. 

There was the sound of a deafening thud, and Evester looked back to see another Aralax fall. This one was stripped a bit, but Evester did not have time to investigate. He hurried to keep fighting, on a narrow minded path, reaching forward when Karla stopped him. All of the Aralax in the area froze. There was a long moment where Evester was confused before he looked to Karla who shook her head.

“W should kill them.’ Crass hissed.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 16 (CHAPTER 276)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (4) 

Heia stepped out to the cool ground, eyes up, lights off from the vehicle and their holoblades. Her night goggles lit up with movement far enough away that she knew that the Aralax would see them soon, if they were not already on their way.

“Go.” Heia said as she raced forward with her team, igniting her holoblade in one hand before she grabbed the weapon with both hands. The Circle that worked with her was skilled, as was the mage behind them both. Magic lit up their field in flames, electricity, and cool light. Holoblades of different color, wove a path together as Aralax bodies began to drop. They clipped the wings of the flying Aralax, and had the mages focus on the skies to keep them down. There were many flying Aralax but most were foot soldiers.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 15 (CHAPTER 275)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (3) 

The car was filled with a thick silence. They had been parked for a long time, outside of the Tower. Sirens called signaling final call for lockdown. There were more cars than just theirs stationed out. Most of them were military vehicles, however there were no staff. From what May had determined, as they sat watching, the military had left the vehicles out the tower with either explosives or poison gas. It was the most that Estashia could force the Military Mages to do. The X armies were not going to assist the Towers that had abandoned them. Even with Heia’s assistance to pressure Alan Penn, they had to protect their own, not the Circles and Stars. The two groups were not helping each other willingly and this night was the best way to fix the situation.

May tossed back two sets of over the ear headphones to Zeydar for himself and Kony. He watched as she placed her’s on before assisting Shawn with his cord. Zeydar set up the headset and placed the chord out of the way and taped it back so it would not go flying. With a flick of the switch on, the noise of the world canceled. Removing them, he was about to ask why when he heard a high pitched reverberating sound that both rocked his soul deeply and sent chills down his spine. His mind screamed, he saw stars, and stopped breathing.

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YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 14 (CHAPTER 274)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The reports had begun to come in from the front lines with numbers that were far over the predicted ones. Heia had to wonder if the size of the Aralax assault was because of all the things that EverDanger had done. Was it because the humans had been persistent? That most had not died in the recent attacks? Was the change, her fault?

“We are dying out there.” Trace growled.

Their whole team sat around their vehicles, listening to the reports. They were fully dressed and fully prepared to be sent out. Kim had ordered them to be prepared. For hours they had been ready to be deployed but when all the others left, they had remained behind. Most of the Mages, sat in a circle going over spells together. Kori spoke with some of the Circles, telling them stories of the Aralax.

More chaos reports came from the radio.

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