The Yasloughve Project Titles Explanation

Why were places named the way they were? Why was the project called the Yasloughve project? What in the world were the events name the way they were? WHY are the book names so strange? All those answers you will find here. Enjoy!

Be advised this is a really long post. I spent a lot of time on this, lol.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 59 (CHAPTER 410)

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Rebirth (part 3)

The trees were ten times the size of those that Zeydar had known from Earth. They towered into the sky, leaves arching high and waving in the white low hanging clouds. Eerie winds sounded through the leaves as they chimed and whistled. Above in the clouds, petals of flowers were dancing. He saw strange large animals that he had never thought could exist, and considered what it would mean to be amongst them.

All at once he felt suffocated. It was as if the air around him was stale and wrong, threatening to choke the life out of him. He settled himself, letting himself breathe in the way that he had practiced over the years. In time he adjusted. The world no longer flickered. It settled and he readied himself.

“Ready?” Evester asked, silencing the panic that had overcome him.

“Yea.” Zeydar released his helmet and closed his eyes. As he removed the device, he stood ready and on edge.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 58 (CHAPTER 409)

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Rebirth (part 2)

Evester looked over the plans for the housing settlements and the orders of people who would be woken up in order to best create the homes. The settlement would take years and, from what Evester could see, there would be millions of people who would continue to sleep as they developed the base line for society. He was trying to distract himself from the situation at hand, but no amount of effort was helping.

In a few short minutes, he’d be headed down with Heia and Zeydar for what could be his potential last minutes alive. If he had been nervous for going to sleep, he was worse for the departure. At least for the sleep, he would have never known, but this… would it hurt? Would it be worse?

“Mother replanned.” Evester whistled as he read the plan, trying to distract himself.

“She did.” Europa nodded. “This will make restructuring all the easier.”

“That is, if people listen to us.”

“We have our work cut out for us then.”

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 57 (CHAPTER 408)

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Rebirth (part 1)

When Heia opened her eyes, she was met with the soft chill of ice that she vaguely recognized was coming from around her body. Stumbling out of the Cryosis Chamber, Heia looked around to find that everyone else was still asleep. The lights were flickering overhead, and unlike when she had stepped in, something felt strange. The whole ship lurched a little. What was happening?

Panicked, Heia pulled herself from the chamber and collapsed to the ground. Forcing her muscles to work, she looked around. In the sea of chambers there was no way that she’d find Kim without a map. Heart racing, Heia started off towards the main deck, knowing that her only safety was up on the deck. 

What started as a crawl, turned into a run as Heia got control over her body. Throat parched, she began rushing through the halls. Her body ached and screamed as she raced up the stairs.

Just a little further. Just a bit more.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 56 (CHAPTER 407)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 3)

Zeydar stood in the control room, looking over the diagnostics of everyone. He typed in a few things to the Project, and watched as the autopilot started and the take off began, out of orbit. The trip had begun. Taking a moment, with his staff, Zeydar placed all his magic into the magic reserves, deep within the ship. The Superiors had made them for the intergalactic travel, to assist with fuel and movement. He’d have to refill them in time, but there was more than enough for now.

“Ready?” Evester called from the door.

Zeydar had emptied himself completely. Leaving all his Staffs on the table, he turned to Evester.

“We have started our course,” Zeydar said. “All the other ships are locked down, and following.”

“Everyone is asleep? Just us then?”

“Just us.” He looked back at the vitals one more time.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 55 (CHAPTER 406)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 2)

Heia stood squeezing her arms tight, next to Zeydar who seemed almost dream like as he watched. They were the last four awake, and that was soon to be three. Heia bit back tears, kept them deep in her chest and kept a smile on her lips as she waited. Evester helped Kim into her chamber. For the sake of safety, the six of them were separated throughout the labyrinth of cells. In the event that the ship lost power, it was important that they would not all die at once. Evester hooked Kim up, gave her one last hug.

“Keep your chin up.” She told him.

“I’m trying.” Evester said as he kissed her cheek and stepped aside.

“Ready?” Heia asked her, leaning close. She took Kim’s hand and squeezed.

“Not fully.” Kim admitted, “But we never are.”

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 54 (CHAPTER 405)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 1)

Evester sat before the screen looking at the faces of his parents and his brother as his sister and Uly sat with him. Like him, they were all dressed in the plain white smocks necessary for the cryostasis machines. He hated the way the fabric felt. It was itchy and scratched at his skin in some places. It was not comfortable as it clung to his every movement. There was not much he could do about it.

“Everything is in order.” Uly told Maverin.

Everyone on all the other ships were asleep. Only EverDanger remained awake, for the time being. Final calls were underway. The entirety of the ship was spotless and mostly decommissioned. All power was rerouted to the stasis chambers and the flight mechanisms.

“The other Ships are in auto pilot,” Maverin said. “Once the flagship starts off, everything will go from there.”

Zeydar would be the one to give the command to leave. From what Evester knew, Uly had gone over everything one last time to check the response and communication between the ships. He said they were ready, and Evester believed him.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 53 (CHAPTER 404)

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Unity And The Days (14) That Passed   

Heia flipped through the documents on the tablet once more as she heard the sound of the door. Ignoring it, she continued to read. There was not much time, and she had spent too much of it worrying. the plans were in the system. Most people were asleep. All of the Superiors had given their magic. In a few short hours the final calls on the EverDanger ships would be had and they’d be sent to rest too. She had a few hours, at max, to get through everything.

“Can I talk to you?” Europa’s sweet voice was a early spring chill that made Heia stop reading.

Startled, she faced Europa. “What’s wrong?”

“I want your opinion on something.” Europa held a tablet close to her. She approached slowly, and Heia held out her hand. When Europa handed over the tablet, she shifted and looked away.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 52 (CHAPTER 403)

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Love And The Days (13) That Passed  

Zeydar found Evester in the control room, making voice recordings. He stood for a series of minutes as Evester spoke to the him of the future. They were songs. They were messages. They were reminders of love and hope. Zeydar wondered how many had been made, how often Evester had been working at it. If Evester understood that by making them, it would make Zeydar miss him more in those short few days each time.

“I won’t be that lonely,” Zeydar said when Evester finished another song.

Evester nearly jumped in his chair as he turned back around. There was both apprehension and surprise, bleeding across Evester’s face. Perhaps it would have been best to leave Evester to his own devices.

“I don’t like the idea of you being awake when I’m not. I don’t want you to fall in love with someone else,” Evester joked.

“Who? My reflection?” Zeydar approached. Evester yawned and turned around holding out his arms to Zeydar who approached and straddled him on the chair. 

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 51 (CHAPTER 402)

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Blessings And The Days (12) That Passed  

The room was dark other than the shine of the planet and the sun in the distance. The glow of the project continued to run as Zeydar slid over the documents to Maverin. Zeydar figured that the hand over was more dramatic than it had to be. However, they were supposed to be asleep, and if someone saw the lights, the chance of them getting caught was higher.

“Is this it?”

“For now? Yes.”

It was the whole plan for their travel. It included a rough idea of what Zeydar predicted after glancing over the data the third time. He had gone through Uly’s data and had included it into the plan. He had gone over all of the details from Uly and had come up with the predictions of the world, along with what was to be suspected as they got closer.

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