YP – B3:QtnoWLM – Chapter 8 (Chapter 105)

191 Days Until Erasure And the Uncertain End

Evester kept his hood up as they moved closer to the city. His legs were tired and Phil had long grown silent; his complaints having disappeared on the wind as they moved closer to the city. They had to steal a car, large enough for them to sit comfortably along with insulation and supplies. Heia said it should be simple enough. It was the only thing they had to do, other than getting in and out quickly.

Everster had a hard time believing it would be that simple. What if it weren’t abandoned? What if they were caught? Evester was too tired to escape at this point.

Out of them all Zeydar was breathing the most heavy. Evester believed that it had to do with the air saturation of the LowerLand, going worse as they moved into the UnderCity, and with his withdrawal? Evester wasn’t sure he would understand how much Zeydar was suffering. Evester saw the gates to get to the under city and nearly stopped walking.

This was the worst possibility.

“You see it too?” Heia stepped up next to him.

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YP – B3:QtnoWLM – Chapter 7 (Chapter 104)

194 Days Until Division And the Uncertain End

Evester tapped his fingers against the seat as he watched the others train outside of the window. Half of EverDanger was out there training their new recruits the ways of EverDanger. The other half were on the bus having a meeting, but Evester who was not paying attention. They were only a little more than a days drive from the city and they had to keep moving. If they didn’t… the Unwanted Guests could catch up. Zeydar’s eyes met Evester’s through the window. Words were exchanged in the eyes and Evester could not truly read them.

“We will have to send second teams ahead.” Shawn spoke slowly from next to Evester, drawing Everster’s attention to the matter at hand. Kim, Uly, Shawn and Evester sat in a circle, speaking of their next plans.

“Not too far out right?” Kim asked.

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YP – B3:QtnoWLM – Chapter 6 (Chapter 103)

195 Days Until Perseverance And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar breathed as silently as he could, whispering spell after spell under his breath as they moved through the compound. They had knocked most of the people out, having to injure a few. They being Evester and the others. The best he could do was whisper spells to protect them from whatever could come their way. It was not much. Kim opened the door to a supply room, where food, batteries, weapons, and clothes lay haphazardly.

“We found a room.” Kim spoke to her headset. “Secure path.”

“Copy.” Uly answered back.

“Copy.” Crass replied. 

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April Reading List

April Reading List

Alright, so I didn’t finish all the books on my list. I didn’t end up reading the last two books for The Negotiator Trilogy, but that’s fine. They weren’t on the OWLs list anyway. I had a hard time reading this month because of lack of motivation to. Next month will probably be better, I would assume at least. We shall find out as we approach the end.

Either way I finished my OWLs AGAIN! I can’t wait for my NEWTs. I might do a reflection post next week. Not sure.

Anyway! What I read in April.

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April Teas

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are more than halfway through the month. I will be showing you my book cover haul as soon as all the books come in. I’m still waiting on a bunch of other things to get in, but once they are, you will know! Lots of boxes are being pushed until May or later. I still have not gotten many of my book boxes, soooo. Yeah. Best of luck there.

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