The Yasloughve Project Original Dream

The following are my original notes on my dream that later became the Yasloughve Project. You might realize that this is written in a strange way. It is not intended to be a story, but rather an edited version of my initial dream journal. For that reason, don’t go into this expecting a fully fleshed out story. If you want that, go on ahead to the actual webnovel.

Exposition found out throughout all the parts and condensed in a quick summary:

The dream starts with something called the Yaslove (Yasloughve ?) project. It’s a projected designed to completely go through every human in existence and pick out who are the most “fit.” We have to go through a series of aptitude tests dependent on age (physical, mental, DNA) and those that are picked are given a Star to wear on their clothes. Those who are back ups get a circle and those who are rejected get an  x. Required to wear the marking at all time.

The second part of the Project is a space craft that will be able to hold all of the star individuals for the up coming end of the world. According to scientists our planet is soon to face a massive extinction event (i.e. earthquake) that will completely condense the Pacific ocean in one go— but no one believes it. The only scientists saying it will happen are those team members working on Yaslove/Yasloughve. All other scientists say it isn’t possible. Through their research into finding out the “capable” people they create Magicians. Magic is amplified by STAFFS that allows them to control the elements.

With the combined effort of the Magicians Against Yaslove/Yasloughve (MAY), Scientists who are not on the Yaslove/Yasloughve team, and general society AntiLOVE is created. It is a resistance that causes the project to be nearly destroyed.

On the predicted date of the Earth quake everyone sits at home peacefully sitting, when the government issues an emergency statement. The Scientists admit that there is recorded seismic activity. All people living along the fault lines and major towns near water were evacuated. In the process the earth completely shakes like it never has before. Many people pass out, and when everyone wakes up the Pacific ocean is gone and there have been millions to billions of casualties.

Immediately people start to help refugees and then war breaks out because of conflicting ideals, values, and plans on the current world status. After much more destruction, reform is made by those that took down Yaslove/Yasloughve to begin with. This is the equivalent of martial law, and the world is unified by a true singular government. This whole war is no longer than three months but millions more die.

On the midst of the seventh month, after the earthquake everything seems to have been settled. From the split ground — beings (Later called Aralax) appear and destroy everything they can find. The First Line of Planetary Defense (Last remaining unit of Yaslove/Yasloughve who were prepared for the invasion) attack against the Aralax with magic. It is a brutal fight to erase all of the Aralax. The FLPD end up wiping themselves out in the process.

After the battle— later called the Nights of Oblivion — the world was up in celebration for their heroic sacrifice. However, when the Aralax reappear later the next month with just as much fighting force as before — they realize that nights will never be safe again.

Actual Dream:

My dream focuses around the lives of the three main characters before the Day of Doom (the end of times, predicted by the project as the final day of human civilization — This was later changed to The Uncertain End). It was split into four parts, with the fourth part that did not end. The above exposition was learned throughout the majority of the parts, sort of like flashbacks or explanations. Each one of the parts follows a different person, sort of like learning their whole story leading up to society trying to flee. I later turned these characters into the official main cast, and the details evolved into the basis of the story.

Part 1 
This part follows a girl named Heiphilia and her family (All X) ranked before the Catastrophe. The parts follows her life through the events of the Day of Doom and the Nights of Oblivion, as she tries to survive and take care of her family. Her part is very on the grounds, learning about society (government, military, the cities, etc). Her story takes place somewhere in the center of Zeydar’s which takes place over the longest portion of time (time line wise). (The chapters where we meet Heia, with her running through the city of LakeLost were near close replicas of her first scene in this dream).

Part 2 
Zeydar is labeled as a Star. He was a Magician, part of the magician’s guild (learn all about magic and STAFFS). The part follows after the Catastrophe and how he and the other magicians/stars deal with it and their impending doom — trying to stay above ground in hopes to survive. There was hunger, anger, and lots of really angsty themes for people who were once classified as the best. The magicians fight a lot and Zeydar, despite being powerful is not their leader. He has some really cool fight scenes. His part ends right where the next part picks up. It took the same amount of time, dream wise, as Heiphilia’s did, but was a longer timeline.

Part 3 
Igalistal is the last name of the scientist who predicted everything, team lead for the Yaslove/Yasloughve project. His son (Evester) is alive and a carefree adrenaline junkie. He does what he wants when he wants when he wants. The part begins the day before the projected Day of Doom, which he calls the uncertain end. Since his father was the scientist who predicted everything — Evester knew everything (despite not believing it). He thought his father was crazy, but was the one who ended up naming all of the different events. He helped his father with the designs and plans of the project, because he really is smart. His father synchs all of the documents under both of their names, hand prints, and retina scans, making them the ONLY people able to access the documents without destroying them. Evester is popular with woman and goes around to other places when ever he so pleases. (Lots of sex, alcohol, parties, drugs, action adventure stupid things, parkor, dirt bike riding, sky diving, survival games with guns ect.) On the day of the Catastrophe (when Yaslove) was “destroyed” — his family was run into the slums. When the Aralax appear his father is taken by the Aralax — Evester’s father tells him how to survive. When The FLPD are seemingly destroyed — Evester realizes that he has to help his father.

Evester is a very smart person, but knows he can’t complete the mission on his own. He has to finish what Yasloughve/Yaslove started. However most of the inhabitants of Earth are dead. So he must figure out how to survive (1), and how to protect them (2) so that he can finish the space program (3) and save their race (4). (Part one is Heiphilia – survival. Two is Zeydar – protection. Three is smarts – Evester. Four is saving the world – aka the three together. This part was kept in the final novelization at least in part.)

Unlike the other parts before it, his parts does the heavy exposition dumping. It explains the details of the past and all the events leading up to the great Catastrophe. His book series explains everything that is left in shroud mystery.

Part 4 
Follows our three main characters after Evester saves them. This part focuses on how humans have to escape the planet because there really won’t be a way for them to stay on it (rising temperatures, massive shifts in everything. Food they can eat can’t be grown. Massive die off of edible animals). No end, woke up before completion.

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