YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 35 (CHAPTER 386)

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Melancholy And The Days (1) That Passed (part 3)  

Evester watched as Zeydar and Uly reviewed over data and information. Maverin hovered over Zeydar’s shoulder pointing at documents and explaining things. Zeydar looked disinterested, but Uly was grimacing as he continued working. Evester did not hear what Uly said to Maverin, but when Maverin laughed hearty, and took a seat next to Zeydar, Evester figured it was ‘shut up.”

The three were seated further away surrounded by documents and screens with data. Zeydar was scrolling bored, writing notes on a tablet with a pen. Evester watched them from further away, not wanting to bother them. He, however, could not let Zeydar work without rest. Zeydar had only just been able to feel a bit better. Evester did not want Zeydar collapsing from overwork — or worse, being talked to death by Maverin.

“Freezings are underway.” Endwin said sitting next to him. “Aren’t you supposed to be assisting Kim and Heia?”

“Yea. But I’m still worried.” Besides the final freezings wouldn’t occur until after the wedding. Evester had time to learn the proper protocols. He could waste a few days, on standby for Zeydar.

“Will fifteen days be enough for them?” Endwin asked, his back to their father. At the question. Maverin looked over to them and stood, walking over. Evester grimaced.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 34 (CHAPTER 385)

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Melancholy And The Days (1) That Passed (part 2)  

Heia helped the person into the staisis chamber. She was shaking, despite her calm demeanor. She had gotten in, and had made sure of herself. Behind Heia, the girl’s parents were wishing her goodbye.

“We will be okay?” The girl asked Heia, when Heia went to seal the container.

“We will.” Kim nodded. “Now, don’t hold your breath. Just relax, and go to sleep.”

“You promise?” The girl asked Heia again.

“We will make it there.” Heia could promise no more, as it was the only thing that she was certain of. She then slid the glass into place and backed up as Kim froze the girl, who closed her eyes and went to sleep in the long line of bodies that were frozen forever. Heia looked back to the parents.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 33 (CHAPTER 384)

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Melancholy And The Days (1) That Passed (part 1)

Zeydar awoke with a heaviness in his chest. It was almost as if he had lost everything. Unlike the times before when he used all his magic, this one was different. There was a sense of loss that he’d never experienced before. It was almost as if he had forgotten a part of himself.

Zeydar ripped off the Staffs on him, and reached for the magic around him. No matter how he tried to reach it was gone. The magic he had drawn back into his body the day before, almost as if it were gone. As he looked inward, he found it dormant, waiting, shaping, changing, no longer what it once was. He was empty but not in the way he’d ever been before. His magic was accessible but as a stranger was. All of his Earth magic was gone, and all that was left was the new magic, waiting to be understood.

“How are you feeling?” Evester asked with a husky voice.

“Lonely.” Zeydar admitted.

There was a long moment where Evester had no answer, before he wrapped his arm around Zeydar. “The magic will come back.”

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 32 (CHAPTER 383)

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After Uncertainty (part 3)

Evester locked the door behind him. The room itself was dark, and Evester refused to turn on the lights, knowing that as well as Zeydar acted, he was not well. Evester pulled at his shirt pulling it off, and sighing as Zeydar talked. He spoke of the research that he read from Maverin, as well as what he felt. Zeydar wore five Staffs again, not needing the additional ones to function. They were, however, an arms reach away if needed.

“You’re certain then?” Evester asked.

“There will be a few more residual waves over the next few days, but I can keep those defenses up easily,” Zeydar said as he sat on the bed. “That and my research will be easy.”

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 31 (CHAPTER 382)

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After Uncertainty (part 2)   

Heia walked into the cafeteria where Evester sat along with Kim, Uly, and Europa. Maverin had papers out before himself, eating haphazardly, as Evester played with his food. She had assumed she was the only one who had slept through the majority of the day. While the Uncertain End had been anti-climatic — according to the others it had been far worse than she gave it credit– upon Zeydar’s disappearance to his room, she too had felt tired. The months worth of adrenaline and tireless effort had caught up. They’d made it to the Uncertain End and her body gave in on her. Heia felt as if she had been hit by a truck, and sore.

So she slept.

“What are the reports saying?” Kim asked Maverin who tossed his papers about haphazardly.

“Last I checked? Total destruction. Temperature rises and inhospitable conditions for our species. Total collapse of ecosystems.” Uly answered for Maverin.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 30 (CHAPTER 381)

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After Uncertainty (part 1)

Zeydar sat shaking. He wasn’t as uncomfortable as he had been the day before, however he was not sure if that as because he had gotten used to the sensation or if it had disappeared completely. There was no pain. There was no headache. The lights were not swirling. Everything was at reasonable decibels. Sitting, Zeydar knew that if he had not gotten better, that meant everything was about to get much much worse.

Everyone sat in the control room together. Evester held him, with blankets around them, staring out the window to stare at the planet to know what was headed their way. All of the Superiors were on standby, and magic shields had been placed up around all the ships. Zeydar had been able to drain the Stars and Circles of their magic, into the tablet so that the other Superiors could use it. Those Superiors who were asleep, he had drained as well.

Perhaps it was not that he was better, but that he was using the magic. Maybe that was why he felt better. All the same, Zeydar needed to keep his mind straight. It all could get worse.

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The Yasloughve Project Original Dream

The following are my original notes on my dream that later became the Yasloughve Project. You might realize that this is written in a strange way. It is not intended to be a story, but rather an edited version of my initial dream journal. For that reason, don’t go into this expecting a fully fleshed out story. If you want that, go on ahead to the actual webnovel.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 29 (CHAPTER 380)

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1 Days Until Goodbyes And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Evester laid Zeydar down. Zeydar was still shaking, but he was asleep, and Evester needed to get them food. Releasing the limiters had taken a toll on Zeydar. Without the staffs acting as a filter for the magic to go through and stay within, Zeydar had been assaulted by the energy. Evester hoped that Zeydar would remain asleep long enough for Evester to get them good. He found Heia in the hallway. “Hi?”

“Does he do that all the time?” She asked, leaning against a wall.

“That?” Evester paused. “No. This a recent thing. He hasn’t been this bad since he detoxed…”

“That can not be healthy.”

“It’s not. He’s not keeping food down.”

When he could eat at all.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 28 (CHAPTER 379)

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1 Days Until Goodbyes And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia yawned as everyone connected onto the Screens from all the ships. Everyone had been gathered by Evester and Zeydar. They had pounded on her door urgently, which told her, not to get angry. Something was wrong, not that she knew what it was. She had to trust them and their choice to wake everyone and to make the emergency calls.

All of EverDanger was there, the Superiors, and Heia’s specialized military teams, waiting to be told what was wrong. Last Heia knew the sleep plans were well underway and most people were asleep, other than necessary final staff and those selected to remain awake through the end.

“He looks miserable.” Kim sighed, looking at Zeydar.

Heia had to agree that Zeydar looked far worse than when she’d seen him days before, after the fight with the Aralax where he’d nearly died. He looked as if he might disappear at any moment, he was so skittish… Heia sat up further. She knew then, what it was about.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 27 (CHAPTER 378)

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1 Days Until Goodbyes And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar sat up shivering, sweat dripped down his face, and his mind screamed in pain. Thud. Thud. Thud. His heart beat in his chest wildly, in time with the aches that consumed his whole body. Convulsing, he leaned over the side of the bed, rolling over to the ground and crawling to the bathroom just in time for him to empty out his guts. 

The Staffs weren’t working. Nothing was working. Everything was worse, worse than before. It was as if the days leading up to this one were a walk in the park. The pain was making his head swim and his skin peel. He wanted to claw it all out, get it all out. The magic felt like fire.

“What’s wrong?” Evester said, getting down on his knees, grabbing his wrists. Where Evester toughed him, burned with ice.

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