Penultimate YP Update

Wow! I can’t believe we are here. Book five is DONE? What? I can’t believe this. It almost feels like it took half the time t get through book five as it did to get through book 4 (spoiler alert it did. Lol ignoring hiatuses, book 5 was far smaller than book 4).

With this, however, we are at the penultimate YP update. I am not expecting there to be any more YP updates for progress, save this one and the very last one that you will get after book six is completed. As of right now the numbers still look good. Our schedule is the current live schedule. After that, I will be focusing on CON completely. I realized, that while I had it in me to do both at the same time, I really could not keep up with the edits, with school. Eitherway, you should be seeing CON chapters coming out soon. Once a week.

Additionally, we have reached 300. You know what that means? 6 chapters a week (phew). With the six a week, that means we are going to hit 400 chapters really quick. And yes, we will hit 400 chapters before the end. Congrats to 300 chapters! Here is to 400!

Thanks for sticking it through with me this whole time!

You may notice that there are some additional changes that are happening to the blog, with the countdown to YP approaching, I really hope to have a counter started by 100 days before. Yes, I know this is overkill. Yes, I do not care. YP has been a monster of a project that began too long ago now. I have been looking forward to this end perhaps longer than any of you have been looking forward to this ending. As such, I am going to relish in it for as long as I can!

I’m excited? Are you excited?

And then a reminder for you all on the proposed schedule!

Book 5 Completion Date (ACCOMPLISHED) : July 1st 2022

Book 6 Completion Date (Assumed) : August 19th 2022

Book 7 Completion Date (Assumed) : October 21st 2022

Wrap Up (Assumed) : October 22nd 2022

113 Days Until the Uncertain End

The finale approaches

Until Next Time,


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