YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 14

265 Days Until Disaster and the Uncertain End (part 2)

The way that Heiphilia’s expression shifted to distress as she understood the date countdown filled Evester with a hope. Perhaps finally she would listen to him. “My father disappeared. I have all his notes in this backpack and I’m trying to stop it.”

“Stop the end of the world?” Heiphilia laughed. “Is that possible?”

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 13

265 Days Until Disaster and the Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia had been the one to decide that Evester was to be allowed to explore LakeLost. Having him confined to the main compound gave her a feeling of confinement herself. Even if he never complained, the idea of being trapped bothered her. So she let him go. If he were a liar, she’d know based on how he interacted with the world. 

The look that Evester had given Heia when she had told him that he was free to move around was that of boredom. It didn’t seem as if he were particularly invested in being free. It almost seemed as if he believed that she wouldn’t hold him anyway. It was as if he believed that she would follow him and try to learn more about him and his mystery.

Which she was.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 12

266 Days Until Memories and The Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar walked down the streets of Arcadia staff wristband on his wrist and Tyler at his side. He was seven, a child, and looking to the sky above him in awe. 

“Look at the way the sky moves Tyler.” Zeydar pointed up. The sky waved and flowed much like water. It sparkled and glowed, different colors swirling through it.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 11

266 Days Until Memories and The Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar stood before the council of hooded Superiors. He wasn’t entirely sure why he had been called that day. He was supposed to be in therapy. Why had they messed with his sessions? They had put them there after they had found him in the—

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 10

266 Days Until Memories Remain and The Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar held his staff out. He had many, but this was his favorite one. It was a thin rod a bit less than his height and just ever so heavy. Silver and black, designed to look like a branch of a tree. He held it and spun it with one hand not caring for the practice. The worst part of coming down from a Sweet Dream high was the way that reality dulled around him. His senses were muted. The colors faded. The sounds grew muffled. Everything was so much less. Or had it always been less? He’d been placed on small increments of Sweet Dreams to control his powers since he was a child. When he had found out, he had felt betrayed, but after what he had done to Arcadia… could he blame them?

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 9

270 Days Until Havoc and The Uncertain End (part 3)

Heiphilia was far from an easy shell to crack. Evester knew how much she rejected and distrusted him. Every time he opened his mouth she would watch him, listen, examine, and find any reason to make that distrust grow. If she was going to save him, why distrust him so greatly?

It was probably because he had said he was looking for her without knowing it was her, which in retrospect had been a bit creepy. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 8

270 Days Until Havoc and The Uncertain End (part 2)

It wasn’t that the man particularly bothered Heia. He kept to himself. He kept an eye on the children when asked and watched over the triplets as they practiced with the holoblade. He helped with food, and told stories to those who could not sleep. He was not a bother, did not speak much, and staid out of her way.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 7

270 Days Until Havoc and The Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar was discouraged from leaving his room too often after he had been taken during The Night of Oblivion. Security was tighter, the Supervisors were convinced he was in danger, and they told him to practice. To practice, to reign in the powers that had destroyed a CloudCity. To have him study and practice before his birthday tended to be their major concern in regards to most things. He thought there may not be more that he could learn.

The moment that Zeydar became a Superior, there would be nothing they would be able to control him. He would be their equal with a voice in the council. The council as a whole could tell him what to do, but not on an individual basis as it were now. Perhaps that was why they told him to study more despite the fact that Zeydar had been Superior level for years in terms of knowledge and skill. They wanted to be able to control him.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 6

275 Days Until Chaos and The Uncertain End (part 5)

The location that Evester’s saviors brought him to was hidden from the rest of LakeLost, a collection of homes, barricaded together and protected with metal slabs. The houses were gutted and inside there were children, so many children, playing. Orphans, Evester immediately realized. Orphans of all ages. Those who had lost their families either during the Great Catastrophe or on The Night of Destruction to the Aralax. Their presence alone told Evester that this was a safe place.

After almost dying from the drop, he wasn’t sure he wanted to trust them. The siblings had been ready, but the oldest had purposely not told him until it was almost too late. He knew it was an attempt to get rid of him.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 5

275 Days Until Chaos and The Uncertain End (part 4)

The goal was to finish gathering supplies for the month, by shopping for what they had not gotten on their missions and raids. They needed to stock up on supplies for the coming months, and getting them from the city was the only way. In order to pay their rent they needed to trade what they got on their missions, as well as to keep all the children safe.Heia tried to remind her siblings of this as they walked that they did not have time or the funds for other things. This did not deter Kori or Kony.

“Look at this.” Kori held up a bag of skin colored patches, designed to stick to the skin and to conceal blemishes. They were made for those with a far different skin color than her, lighter, paler, too yellow, almost inhumane in color — Heia wasn’t even sure people could be the color without being ill.

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