YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 30 (Chapter 76)

210 Days Until Emergency And the Uncertain End

It was early in the morning, far before the sun had risen and the world was still in dreamless slumber, that Evester’s mother awoke Evester from his nest of friends. Her eyes were dark, blood shot, cool, and warning him that something had gone dangerously wrong. Evester peeled himself from Kim’s grasp and away from Phil’s body, to follow his mother out the door, knowing that his friends had not remained asleep with her barging in.

“What?” He asked the moment that they were out the door and far enough down the hall that her screams would not wake the others, should they have remained asleep.

“Where is he?” Her fury seemed to seep through her skin like a volcano ready to explode.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 29 (Chapter 75)

213 Days Until Hope And the Uncertain End

Zeydar laid on his side tracing his fingers over the floor in patterns that Heia could not identify. He was mumbling to himself with a blanket over his body, but otherwise was stable. They were limiting him but not cutting him off completely like he had asked, and yet the progress they’d made seemed like he was stuck in a dream rather than becoming sober.

“The amount of drugs in his system is…” Rayda stepped next to Heia at the doorway as she looked in to Zeydar who was locked in the room behind the glass door. “How he was able to function as a human being, I’ll never know.”

“How much did we cut him down by already?” Heia watched Zeydar move under the blankets, to face the ceiling, starring into the lights without blinking.

“Day one we cut him by half, today half of that.” She answered before showing Heia a schedule and numbers. “Before we started he was so gracious to provide to us the numbers.”

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 28 (Chapter 74)

215 Days Until Capture And the Uncertain End

The plan was to keep Zeydar over night, following him as he returned to Star Campus, only to kidnap him and bring him back. They could not keep him at Evester’s home without him being seen leaving, as they needed the alibi for his disappearance. They also would never be able to get into Star Campus. That did not leave very much room for mistake, but it was the only option they had. They needed Zeydar to detox, and they couldn’t let him know of the plan.

The moment that Zeydar left the house to take his walk back to Star Campus, EverDanger was on the prowl speaking to each other over headset and relaying information as they stalked him.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 27 (Chapter 73)

216 Days Until Failure And the Uncertain End

Zeydar stood in Evester’s yard with all too many eyes on him for Heia to feel confident. She was nervous for him, for she would be shaking with the pressure that came from their intense stares. Zeydar seemed to completely ignore the gazes of all those around, but Heia didn’t believe it. There was no way anyone would be able to disregard it all. They stood watching as Zeydar examined her brother. Zeydar’s eyes darted from Kony to Heia, to Evester and back to Kony.

“Stay back.” Zeydar’s warning landed in the silence of the world as they watched his every breath.

“Will this be dangerous?” Heia knew nothing about magic. He had said the spell was simple, but Heia was not sure she could believe that. She’d seen magic that could silence the world and she’d heard of what magic could do in other cases. Their weapons could destroy Aralax so easily. What could this spell do that could hurt her family?

Zeydar had told them that what he was planning to do was a probe. He’d move his magic through them, and through the world around them. Both in an effort to know their status as either X, Circle, or Star, and to see if he could read the Tower’s defenses. If Valaria was going to fall, he may have been able to read it in the body of the Tower now. Perhaps, was the key word however, not even he was certain.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 26 (Chapter 72)

217 Days Until Chains And the Uncertain End

Zeydar ran his fingers across the pages of the new texts allotted to him, as he sat in his room digesting them and thinking about his own powers. These were the records of him, written by Tyler, when Zeydar had been a child. These records depicted his powers, his words, his experiences as told from a third person perspective. Tyler clearly loved him and was not afraid, but the analysis provided by later Stars, who saw Tyler’s reports, were filled with fear. 

Communication with magic. Touching on all aspects of magic. No specialty. Able to use magic without a Staff. Able to use magic far before being formally trained to. Speaking as he could feel magic everywhere and no one seemed to listen to it correctly. Playing with it as if were alive and not a tool. 

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 25 (Chapter 71)

218 Days Until Wisdom And the Uncertain End

Evester glanced at Zeydar one more time before he slid from the room ready to go and figure out something to eat, or to get someone to buy food. In their talks, Evester had not brought up having Zeydar train Kony, not once. He knew that there was dismay regarding it, but even Evester knew that with the time they had, whatever training they could get would not be enough. They needed Zeydar to go with them. That was where most of the work would be done. For a moment Evester listed off the names of those who he would be willing to take with him as they went to complete this mission, outside of Heia and Zeydar, then he remembered it was not his priority. Zeydar’s mental state was his priority.

Zeydar who seemed focused on ensuring that he did not leave the comfort of the city and was more often high than sober. Evester had been around enough people in his life, enough drugged people in his life, to be able to tell when someone was high. Zeydar always was, as if he lived in it. They were going to have to get him to detox, if they wanted him to go with them outside of the Tower. Sweet Dreams was not something readily available out there.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 24 (Chapter 70)

219 Days Until Balance And the Uncertain End

When Zeydar crossed the threshold of Evester’s home, he seemed to exude an aura of dominance over the domain despite having been there for the first time. Heia was not sure if this was how all Stars acted or if it were simply because he was a Superior. Either way, she thought it rude, but no one else seemed to mind. 

“Welcome. Welcome.” Evester led them from the door deeper into the house. “Feel free to make yourself at home.”

Biting her tongue, Heia said nothing as she watched Zeydar rolled his eyes, and refrain from taking off his shoes. They walked towards her and towards the wave of eyes that peaked out of hallways and bedrooms. Heia knew they were straining to get a better look at the one called Zeydar. Once they were to her, she joined them in their walk towards the inner house.

“So you are the mysterious Star who Pops listed.” Phil cut before Zeydar as they entered the living room. The rest of EverDanger sat watching, curious and cautious all at once, as Heia’s siblings sat with less fear. Heia, knew it was ignorance over fearlessness that caused it.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 23 (Chapter 69)

220 Days Until Promotion And the Uncertain End (part 5)

Heia was at a loss of words trying to understand what Zeydar meant by ‘he couldn’t because of his oath.’ He could tell from the blankness in her eyes and the way her mouth quivered for the smallest of moments. However, she too knew that she was too easy to read and hardened her expression in seconds, to guard herself from him. Zeydar thought of how oddly endearing it was. Was her honesty from having to grow up in a world that he’d never know? Her expressions bled her truth at all times, and he appreciated it. Even her voice told him of her deeper thoughts. “Magic?”

“In theory the oath keeps me to the orders of the Superiors as a whole.” Zeydar answered with the only answer he had come up with in the hours since he had sworn the oath. He could still feel the swell of the magic in his body. A taint to it, that he could not name, was ever present. He needed to look more into it.

“If they told you to stop us?” Evester asked seeming to understand that the magic was what stopped Zeydar.

“I would have to, by my oath. That’s why I will never tell anyone who you are.” And while it was true, that he felt the magic would control him, Zeydar knew the control was placed for different reasons than he was implying. Zeydar also didn’t want to be away from Sweet Dreams for too long. He had magic that needed to be controlled and until he had read enough in the texts, he would not be able to trust himself off of it.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 22 (Chapter 68)

220 Days Until Promotion And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Evester’s heart soared to his throat. What could he say? Zeydar was right? Saving the world was not on the top of his goals? That seemed like the wrong move despite the truth of it. Articulating such selfishness was beyond the realm of what was right.

No. He needed to convince Zeydar. Yet, what could he say that would convince Zeydar. What could he do to convince Zeydar? What did he possibly have to convince him?

“Evester isn’t that good at convincing.” Heiphillia stepped in instead. Evester hadn’t expected her to, but he felt a bit of relief that she did.

“But he convinced you?” Zeydar eyed her over.

“I forced him to take me, my family, and all those who are orphans I care for.” Heia’s admission visibly surprised Zeydar. Her tact and callousness towards him, held no reverence. Bitter, cold, tired, angry, Heiphillia was all things, but happy was not one.

“You brought in tens of X’s to the city? How scandalous.” Zeydar ignored her haste and irritation instead tossing the blistering heat of her indignation away. “Unfortunately I can not simply walk away from this.”

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 21 (Chapter 67)

220 Days Until Promotion And The Uncertain End (part 3)

They were sitting upon a hill for what was a late lunch and early dinner. Star campus towered above them and above her campus were the monster sky scrapers of Valaria. Star Campus was far different than the main city, Heia realized with their small tour. It was a multitude of school houses, shops, libraries, and homes. It was its own functioning town inside of Valaria proper, and made mostly for the Stars. Their world was green, beautifully constructed, nearly free for them, and ultimately safe. Whatever anger and jealousy Heia had to the Circles of Valaria was minor to the wrath she held towards the Stars.

“You still haven’t heard from him at all?” Karly asked Endwin about Evester who sat close enough to her that if she looked, perhaps she would notice. Heia watched as Evester didn’t even bother to look up as he ate his food. Karly continued. “He put out that strange message. Everyone saw it.”

“He also provided a lot of dates, death tolls, and attack locations.” Endwin answered with a shrug. “But otherwise, no one knows where he is.”

“You have to admit that he was rather hot with his long hair.” Kim cut in with a laugh, to no one in particular. It was to this comment that Evester perked up and Zeydar’s eyes did as well. Kim then added, “And no. I don’t know where he is.”

“Liar.” Endwin glared at her. Heia thought the glare was more playful than true, and his tone more lax than direct. He didn’t care where Evester was, is what he was trying to tell them.

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