YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 4 (Chapter 50)

229 Days Until Celebration and the Uncertain End

The music pounded from Evester’s room, a room that Heia had assumed he hadn’t touched in years. It reverberated down the halls and shook the walls. Laughter filled in the spaces where the music did not fill, and the smell. It was sweet, liquid, inhibition suspending. Door open, Heia watched as Evester and his friends were preparing for the party. They’d gone over the plan, the four who would go: Robee, Trace, Shawn, and Heia. The triplets, Layla and Andre were to be left to watch the other kids. Endwin was going with, but Europa was staying. They had their ins and outs, plans of the structure of the club where they were going, as well as the house for the after party. Heia knew her part in the plan and this: this was not a party.

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YP – B2:UtGoaFN – Chapter 3 (Chapter 49)

229 Days Until Celebration and the Uncertain End

Evester walked through his house door, dropping his jacket on the rack before dragging himself through the halls. He wondered if running errands always been this tedious in the past, only to pause. Had he ever actually run errands before? With Adam? Maybe? All he could remember was hanging out with friends in his house or out and about doing nothing in particular.

The soft laughter of children and voices reverberated through the stark white walls telling Evester that people did in fact live there. He walked into the living room to see his friends teaching the others to play video games, or how to read books. There was no mother in sight, nor his siblings. 

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 2 (Chapter 48)

229 Days Until Celebration and the Uncertain End

Heia hated the Cloudcity, more so than she ever had. Perhaps it was just Valaria, Queen of the Cloudcities. Perhaps it was that all Circles and Stars were so entitled to their lives of luxury that the sweetness of it prickled her skin and disgusted her. Whatever it was, Heia hated the city. She hated how she could get anything on demand, or so said Evester. She hated how everyone moved about their ways as if there weren’t a war and a massive death toll rolling out on the Lowerlands. 

They had to get food for the mouths she had brought to Evester’s family. Mouths that were going to be easily fed without so much as a question. Food that Heia was picking out with Evester as he ordered it in bulk, speaking to the groceryman quickly and with numbers that Heia had never imagined would be related to her family before.

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YP – B2: UtGoaFN – Chapter 1 (Chapter 47)

After Existing

Rebuilding was what the government had pitched it as. Rebuilding and the control of the path from the CloudCity to the Tower. After the Catastrophe had knocked out a good portion of human civilization, mostly LowerLands and UnderCities, the government was taking his father’s life work so much more seriously.

Evester sat at his computer looking at the footage of the events of that day when his father knocked on his door.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 46

Rebuilding (part 3)

One by one Evester watched as the children handed out their IDs and they were checked by the security system. Each child was passed through to the members of EverDanger who stood waiting for them on the other side of security. Once they were all through, they’d travel up the tunnel to the city together on the Train. The youngest went first, then the older kids who had practiced memorizing some details on their IDs then Heiphillia’s family. Heiphillia and Evester being the last two to cross through.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 45

Rebuilding (part 2)

When Heia realized that Evester was missing, yelling was her first instinct. Her second instinct was to reprimand herself with how stupid she was, and her third was not to tell anyone. Unfortunately, there were others with her when she found out and they did not have the same inclination. Everyone soon knew and panic erupted through her family. Andre and Layla seemed justified in their distrust. Trace and Robee and the children seemed betrayed. Heia couldn’t believe she trusted him. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 44

Rebuilding (part 1)

Zeydar sat in front of the council sick with dread. He had not been this sick with agony and anxiety since he had come back from the destruction of Arcadia and they had interviewed him.  That had been his statement on murdering millions, this was on his birthright. Could they strip it from him? Was it possible that he’d become the only Class 1 ever to not become a Superior?

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 43

231 Days Until Catastrophe and The Uncertain End (part 2)

The first thing Evester did, as they all did when they got to his house, was showered. He needed to get the smell off of him, the grime, the unmentionables. The shower went into high powered the moment he stepped inside, as if he was hazardous. The pounding waters moved to wash him and then the shower moved to scrub his body clean and drench him. Then there were waters to fix his scent. For the first time in far too long, Evester smelt like a Circle. He smelt of the combination of citrons, flowers, spices, and herbs that made him smell the way that the system determined fit him best. He smelt like himself, or at least how he thought of himself, though it was a little different. Different in a way he could not place.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 42

231 Days Until Catastrophe and The Uncertain End (part 1)

“What is it like to be a Superior?” Zeydar asked Tyler. 

“Why?” Tyler looked down Zeydar. Zeydar was but a small boy who was only just beginning his magic training. 

“I don’t think I want to be one.” The idea was scary, frightening, and full of too much responsibility.

“It’s your birthright. All Class 1s become Superiors.” A birthright.

“Can Class 2s become Superiors?”


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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 41

232 Days Until Absolution and The Uncertain End 

Evester looked up the drainage system. It was a complete vertical climb. Dropping their supplies down for the kids would be easy, but scaling it? Far from that. Phil jumped from foot to foot. Rayda stretched and Crass looked up the drain with Evester. Right now, no one would be watching. The guards were off and they’d disconnected the cameras for just long enough with a loop. Heiphillia and her family would be sleeping. He’d get in, get out, and get her in within three days. Chances were that they wouldn’t realize he was missing until the morning.

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